August 30th, 2002

real Alice

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You know....I wonder why people who claim to hate me, disrespect me, dislike me, be disgusted by me, etc., etc., continue to not only follow my journal, but STILL comment about me here & there. Ummmm...get a life & get over me. Those who have come & gone in my life, have done just that....gone. I rarely think of them, & I have let go of anger & bitterness, etc. Let it go. Let me go. I don't even care if you follow someone's journal cause "it's like a train can't tear your eyes away." Do it anyway. Have some strength & move on. Get a life. Really. It's sad.

Those who have left my life....unless a particular post is pointed out to me, I don't even read their journals anymore....even the ones I said I would. And that's actually the truth. I just don't need to anymore. I have moved on. And unless something particular happens, I don't even comment on them anymore, & I am certainly not STILL making nasty, bitter comments. Truly...get over it. Move on. Get a life.
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