September 2nd, 2002

real Alice

Knott's Scary Farm/Halloween Haunt

So it's official. I WILL be performing in Knott's Scary Farm this year (or Halloween Haunt). I will be Malice in Wunderland in the Malice in Wunderland maze. It was one of the most sought after mazes to perform in this year, & they pulled a spot just for me, before the public & last year's performers got to choose! :-) I hear it's a cool maze, cause it's all in black light, & just more "trippy" than necessarily "scary." My costume is HIDEOUS. A really ugly dress with a bloody apron, pink tights, a day-glo green curly, really, really cheap wig, & kabuki-like make-up (really, really pale white with funky eyes, etc.). I should be fairly unrecognizable.

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