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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Tuesday, September 17th, 2002

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Well, thank you, Jesus. I got out of jury duty again tomorrow. I called Sunday night to see if I had to go in today, & they didn't need us. Great, cause I had plans to go to the LA Fair with Rebecca today, & I look forward to this fair ALL year! I LOVE it! So got lucky today. And I called again tonight, & they still don't need us tomorrow. This is beyond awesome, cause I am freakin' exhausted from two nights in a row of not nearly enough sleep, & now I can sleep late, & hey, maybe even unpack my suitcase! I am also meeting someone for dinner tomorrow night, so this gives me some time to rest up. Great....watch me get jury duty for Thur. or Fri....the two days I have plans (rehearsal at Knott's on Thur. at 6PM...wouldn't make it in time....and rehearsal for a show on Fri. at 3:30). That would suck weiner.

Got screwed with the show at Garry's theatre. The callbacks were Friday. Tommy, one of Garry's assistants, called me late Thursday to ask me to the callbacks. But Thur. was the day I flew back in from Alabama, so I didn't get home until after midnight that night (& he didn't call my cellphone, only my home number). I wasn't going to call him after midnight. So I called at 10AM on Fri. (the time he usually gets into the office), & left messages on his office voice mail AND his pager, saying I was available all day for a callback. He never called me....until today, when he told me that they cast the show from the callbacks on Friday, & I missed them. I pointed out that I left messages, & they DID know when I was coming back in town. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

WHY do we go to fairs & eat CRAPPY food? Not crappy tasting, but crappy for us. I had a big slice of DELICIOUS garlic cheese bread when we first got there (LOVE cheese, but it hates me), & then piggly-wiggly fries tonight...both with ranch dressing. YUMMY...but I'm gonna pay for it. 4 Tums so far...& not helping.

Just a pre-warning....big, "pity party" post to come tomorrow. Don't read it if you don't like self-pity or depressing stuff. I will place this warning on the post, itself, too. No worries. Just need to vent.

Current Mood: exhausted
Ummmm....Our Lady Peace performing on Leno. Who hired this guy to sing? Since he can't. Probably the same people who kept voting for Nikki.

Current Mood: annoyed
madmravyn had stated in her journal that today is HOT LESBO ACTION DAY!

Join us in celebrating by dusting off those lesbo porn tapes and firing up the VCR, of if you are female, get yourself a hot kinky woman and partake of this blessed day and make your own hot lesbo action!

I need a hot kinky woman, just for the day. Any takers? I'll even bathe first. *wink*

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Ooooooeeeeeee....I feel my blood boiling.

I hate rude people more than just about anything on the planet.

I ordered an electronic item (no, not a sex toy, get yer minds out of the gutter) about 2.5 years ago, & it shorted out. It cost $300. It shorted about a little over a year after using it. I wrote the company a letter because I couldn't find the phone number, but had the mailing address. I heard nothing in return, even though I included my phone numbers.

I recently found the number, so I called the guy. I explained what happened, & he actually remembered me, but said he didn't know how to respond to a letter. I explained the situation, & he said they have a 1 year warranty, & they had had many problems with this product, & didn't even carry it anymore. I asked him if he would replace it, or at least charge me a just a small fee to replace it, since he's admitting the product was crap. He basically laughed in my face. Seriously. I asked him what my course of action was, & he said I would have to purchase a new one. I mentioned that I had found a similar product on the internet that came with a lifetime guarantee, & if he only offered a one year....he said, "ooh, I'd grab it if that's the case, but no such thing exists, m'am, & if you called just to be rude, save it." And promptly hung up in my face. This is a company, folks. Did what I said sound "rude" to you? I just mentioned a different company with a better warranty, & I didn't even say it with a snide attitude. I didn't know if maybe they offered a better one with the new product he carried. I called him back & said, "Excuse me sir, I wasn't trying to be rude to you, there was no reason to hang up in my face." And he said, "I'm sorry if you weren't, & I'm sorry if I was, but there is no company that is going to offer a lifetime warranty." I said that I would be happy to send him the website address so he could verify it for himself. He got rude again, so I said, "Is this how they treat people in Texas?" And he said, "I guess so." So I said, "Well, then, Texas sucks." And hung up.

Arggggggghhhh! I HATE rude people. And I HATE it more when there's not a damn thing I can do about such treatment. Take my business elsewhere...big deal. Oh well....karma is a bitch.

Current Mood: aggravated
All this talk of "no HBO to watch The Sopranos" & "no Showtime to watch all their great shows." My friend caught an episode of "Sex & the City" & now she wants to see it all the time. Yeah, so do I, but I can't afford it.

Anyway...she's looking into Direct TV or just adding HBO & Showtime to her current bill (must be nice....*grumble*). She can't decide which is better, so I said I'd gather some opinions here. Gee, if only there were some opinionated people on LJ. *smirk*

She currently has regular cable, & is paying $41.13 a month, including taxes. HBO is $12.99, & Showtime is $11.99, so she would pay around $66.11. If she gets Direct TV, for 3 TVs in their house, including equipment & installation, she will get tons of channels (however, who watches all those channels, anyway?), she will pay about $69.99, but that doesn't include taxes, & there's no telling how much those will be. So, minus taxes (it's only $2.18 for taxes with cable), it's a difference of $3.88. So cable is cheaper, by $4+. But Direct TV gets raves.

What are the advantages/disadvantages to cable & Direct TV? Cable can go out...can Direct TV? Can't something happen to your satellite? Pros & cons please, people. Mucho gracias. :-)

Current Mood: curious
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Ask me anything you'd like to know! Don't be shy!

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