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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Wednesday, September 18th, 2002

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Just in case a few of you were wondering, yes, I did have pictures posted last night, no it wasn't your imagination. I deleted the entry, cause the pics were a bit racy. If you saved them, please delete them. Obviously, I won't know whether you did or not, but I would appreciate it. :-)
Gonna post this again, since only one person responded. Surely somebody wants to know something! Perhaps I'm too revealing & everyone knows everything already! My first poll! And no one is interested!!! *pout*

Ask me anything you've always wanted to know....don't be shy!

***EDIT*** I made the results/questions not viewable to others....

Current Mood: curious
1. Your live journal "user name" & what it means:
"Alicenwndrln." Well, this is a pretty obvious answer. I played Alice in Wonderland at Disneyland, & in NUMEROUS theatrical productions. I LOOK like Alice in Wonderland...I mean, come on.

2. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) how well does your livejournal represent who you actually are? I would say either an 8 or 9. I mean, I am VERY honest in my journal, but sometimes I hold my tongue because people I might want to talk about are reading my journal. That's a tough one to get around. You want to have full disclosure, but you might hurt someone's feelings. *ack*

3. How much about your life do you post to lj?
I think we all know I am pretty open & post most everything. I really don't have too many secrets. I post more the more time I have, obviously. But I definitely post things that make an impression on me, good or bad.

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Current Mood: amused
OK....so I'm a total retard. I posted that poll, & a couple of people have asked me questions...but I can't find the questions. When people enter a question in that little box, where do they go? Where do I view them? They are not coming to my email. I am new at this poll thing, & soooo confused. Can anyone help me? *bats eyes*

Current Mood: confused
I'm so gonna scream. *arrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhh*

OK...let's try this again. Now that smarter people have explained to me how to get my poll results (what an asshole I am!), I am gonna try again. I was told I had like 10 questions, so PLEASE ask your questions again. I apologize for my stupidity, & for y'all having to ask again. BUT...on the plus side, I have now made it viewable to none but me, so you can feel more free to ask whatever you want, no holds barred. :-) So please ask away...and hopefully, I have a clue this time. *sheepish grin*

Ask me anything you want to know....don't be shy!

Current Mood: curious
Thanks to all who helped out the LJ poll dummy. *sigh*

I love grits. They are delicious. I could eat grits all day.

I also like French Vanilla Slim-Fast shakes.

WHAT is wrong with me??? *grin*

Current Mood: amused
The answers to the questions I have received so far:

circlek Most definitely YES, but that doesn't do me any good. Not gonna happen. And please keep that to yourself...not that others aren't smart, too. ;-Þ

txgirlie With a man, yes...alone, no. Open-minded, that's me. :-)

madmravyn I love that movie. Started going when I was 12!!!! Used to play Columbia, but not really in costume (do a great singing imitation of her)...but I would, sure.

aunticrist Lately, all of it (can't figure out the attachments....heh-heh...that's gonna read funny)....usually a strip.

quenya I haven't really played any roles I didn't enjoy, but I did have a bad experience. When I did "West Side Story," my boyfriend kept cheating on me with another girl in the cast...actually, he'd go back & forth between us, & that caused all kinds of tension between him & I & her & I. Also, a bunch of people from Disneyland were in the show with me...and were really mean. So there were some bad times within that show backstage...but DOING the show was still fun. I just love to perform...but backstage moments are not always the greatest.

duhneese Email me & I'll tell you....IF you can keep a secret! :-) (Obviously can't post that publicly!)

Wheeeeeeee! This is REALLY fun!!!! More, more!!!!

Current Mood: bouncy
More answers:

fireguy455 It had it's pros & cons. The performing was usually great...the "powers that be" sucked. They don't give a hoot about their employees.

perpetualmotion That depends on a lot of things. And I don't think you are doing that, anyway....are you? ;-Þ

denisbaldwin A penis. Well, that & some gross foods. ;-Þ

lavida Well, for being a good human being, my mom. For acting...well, there's lot of actors I admire. :-)

zippyd I worked on "Exit to Eden," & stood out as the only one in the chorus who could REALLY sing. Sent in headshot/resume after the flick, went in to read old scripts...the rest is history.

matte That's a tough call. Briscoe is more rational, but Sipowicz usually gets his man. Briscoe is a more balanced, "healthy" person, & probably has a lot less stress. And I don't know what your second question meant! :-)

littlesunshine Planning on it....can you email me directions from the 5 fwy north?

hollywood That's an excellent question, one I'm not sure I can answer. I'd like to be remembered as an excellent role model...as someone who avoided the evils of the world (drugs, alcohol, tobacco) & was a damn decent human being.

inushnu Not really into that...does the Disneyland parking lot in my car count???

ohmyhead I don't think that would be a good idea...but it's a tempting offer. ;-Þ

mr_dark Well, beyond the OBVIOUS, do certain skilled things to my neck...without leaving hickies (hence the "skilled" part). But the bottom line to getting me turned on is the attraction between us...and then it can just be a look. I experienced that recently. *giggle* (And that's not embarrassing!) :-)

MORE! MORE! Bring it on!!!!

Current Mood: amused
More Answers:

misskris I've been better. Email me. I miss you, too! *kiss*

dramaprincess If ya blink, you will miss me. My lines were cut, so I am just running around in the background. Anytime you see a school girl with long blonde hair, it's probably me, you can actually see me a lot. Especially in the debate team scene, sitting right in front of Mandy Moore & next to the male lead.
More answers:

mistertibbs EVERYTHING!!!! But you know the best things.

alliiya Email coming. December 1st. And yes, I do. :-)

lapintada I don't have any set plan. Definitely going to talk to my cousin about making it out in the Spring...but my life is just so damn unpredictable. You will be the first to know! What was the first one? ;-Þ
More Answers:

chappell Honestly, they've all been pretty good. Except this one. It was really lame. ;-Þ

poetpaladin Stop trying. Once you do that, when the time is right, it will happen. Patience, m'dear. If you are too anxious...that reads.

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