September 22nd, 2002

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*blech* Not feeling well tonight. I think the stress that is my life & Meredith's cold finally caught up to me. I didn't get much sleep Friday night (had to say goodbye to my sweet
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*blech* Not feeling well tonight. I think the stress that is my life & Meredith's cold finally caught up to me. I didn't get much sleep Friday night (had to say goodbye to my sweet <lj=amythyst>), didn't get much sleep last night (had to say goodbye to my buddy Amy...slumber party with da girlies), & today just about killed me. We went out to do the first show, & it was SOOO flippin' hot! They have us in the shittiest show location. See, we are called Sidewalk Theatre, & we just perform on the "sidewalk" (street). We are normally in a fairly shady location. For Halloween, we are standing in a location that is in MAJOR direct sunlight. Today ended up being around 95....and THAT temperature is taken in the SHADE!!!!! We cut 15 minutes off our set after lunch, but that doesn't make that much difference, really. This Halloween show is a full out dance production. We are doing the "Thriller" routines from the video! It's dance number after dance number. I was wearing a wig, & just DYING dancing around in the sun! I cannot even IMAGINE what it was like for the girls in the character suits! *ack* But when we came in from the first show, I just didn't feel well. I had to do my lesbo show, so I wanted to take a nap. I laid down & sleep just a bit, cause everyone was being really loud. I couldn't cool down & the fan was blowing on me. When I woke up from this short nap, my nose was stuffy, & my throat was sore. :-( And now I just don't feel well. I cannot TELL you how hot it was performing those shows. Just plain icky. I am crossing my fingers that I don't wake up really ill tomorrow. I gotta get a job this week. *groan*

<lj-cut text="Boring stuff here.">So the show went really well, I guess. It certainly was well-received. There were about 15 characters in the show, all female but one, & all but about 4 (maybe 5) of the women were lesbians. Me, Cathy, Renee, & one other lady (whom I have performed with before but her friggin' name escapes me right now) are straight, & Kipleigh, we are not sure about. All the rest were lesbians. Some of them were flat out dykes, others were more "lipstick" or "middle of the road." They were all so cool, though, & welcoming to me (the only one who wasn't at any rehearsals...we performed the thing today & I met them for the first time a half hour before the show!). The name of the show is "Beach Blanket Lesbos," & I was playing a lesbian biker chick. I doubt anyone bought it. I mean, I am more of a tomboy than I am femme, but still. First of all, no one buys me as tough! I wore jeans, black steeltoe boots, a wife-beater, a leather biker jacket, & a short brunette wig. People were laughing a lot, especially when my "gang leader" yelled at me, "Stick a sock in it, Short Stack." (The humor there is that I am short & stacked.) Our song didn't happen at the right time. "Donna" gave the cue line, & the music didn't start. Theatre actor's worst nightmare. Cathy---who wrote the show---had this look of fear pass over her face, & started improving. I didn't want to open my mouth for fear of saying something really inappropriate. Eventually, the song started, & it got a lot of laughs.
I bailed after the show, because I wasn't feeling well, & didn't feel I needed a "curtain call." I have done a couple of shows with Renee & Cathy & Joey (the one man in the show, playing a beach bimbo...hysterical!), it was nice to work with them again, albeit briefly.

The one who played Julie made me think a lot. We were talking before our segment went on (we just did Act 1), & she was telling us about her childhood. She was one of SIX girls in her family...and all but one shared one tiny room. The house had 2.5 bedrooms...the eldest daughter had the half bedroom (just about big enough for a twin bed only), & the other 5 girls squeezed into one tiny bedroom....two sets of bunkbeds, & one twin bed in the middle of the room. There was about a foot of space between the beds, & there was no bedroom wouldn't shut with all the beds. They had to share one shower, too....7 women & one man.

Firstly, this made me feel grateful & spoiled for what I had growing up. Make no mistake, my parents were decidedly middle class. We didn't have a lot of money....just enough. And granted, we lived in a state where the cost of living was less than in Cali. There was also only 2 children in our family. I had a HUGE bedroom to myself (I had a king-sized waterbed as a teenage, with tons of room space left over), with a separate dressing area I could close off that had a large clothes closet, a shoe closet (shoes or lines or purses, whatever....), & a private bathroom. The dressing room also had a vanity table with a LARGE mirror & sink. My grandfather designed & built this was the house my uncle & mother were raised in (my room had been my mother' sister's room--previously my uncle's---was a bit smaller, with no dressing area. The house was almost two pieces....the bedrooms were at one end, everything else at the other. The master bedroom was at the end, & was large, with a balcony & 3 with all shelves, one regular clothes closet that my dad used, & one big walk-in closet that my mother used. Then a dressing area (that could be closed off from the rest of the room...the walk-in closet was in the dressing room area) & a bathroom. Then you go down the hall & there was my room on the left, & my sister's room on the right. Then a spacey hall closet. Continue down the hall & there was a separate door that led into my sister's private bath (so you could enter her room from her bathroom OR from her bedroom door), & then a door that was both a linen closet AND a laundry chute (you threw your clothes in & they landed in a big bin that looked like a giant rabbit cage right over the laundry machines downstairs...convenient, eh?). Then there was a door at the end of the hall. When everyone went to bed at night, my parents would shut & lock this door. Beyond the door, to the direct left were the stairs to go to the basement. To the direct right was the front door & entrance way & living room (HUGE living room with huge windows the length of the living room, looking out over the grandfather, when he lived there, would wave to Courteney Cox Arquette's mother as she walked the block for exercise...they lived just down the street). The living room went straight through to a nice sized "formal" dining room. If you had gone straight from the hallway door, you would end up in a more casual dining room just off the kitchen, & then in the good sized kitchen w/a breakfast bar, & the backdoor leading to the carport. On from there, & you were in the HUGE den. The den had a bar that could actually be staffed (as in, two doors opened in the den with a walk-up bar, & another door on the outside entered into the bar, where someone could stand & serve/bartend...ironically for a teetotaler, I used to love to play bartender). The den was large & had a fireplace...and then you'd step off the carpeted section & be on a large dance floor, where my grandparents frequently had friends over for dancing. This was my favorite room of the house. I spend SOOO much time in there as a young girl, dancing, choreographing, etc. There was a record player built into the wall, & a control system where you could control speakers that were in every room of the house. These speakers were cool. If you had them on, they were like 2 ways radios, sort of. You could talk to anyone in any other room with the flip of a switch. And from the den, you could "broadcast" whatever record you were playing to any chosen room in the house. There was a large closet in here, where we kept board games & stuff. There was a half bathroom in the carpeted section of the den. And there was a door that led to the outside from there, onto a lovely, large patio, & then on to a huge backyard. There was a 2 car carport, with a large storage closet in there, & then a portion of the driveway designed to hold two more cars (a long driveway, too). Downstairs is another interesting story. The basement covered the length of the house, & was separated into two sections. There was what we referred to as the "pack room," where junk of all kinds was packed. Old bed frames, mattresses, guitars...anything my uncle & mom had left behind when they moved out as young adults, & all our junk. My dad kept a work bench down there, with all his tools & stuff. I had an easel down there, & did my splatter painting in there (hey, it was the '80s). This room was HUGE. It intrigued me, but scared me, too. It never had much light (no windows, obviously), so it was always really dark...and if there were gonna be spiders & stuff, they were gonna be in here. It was like a frickin' playground for a kid in there. That room had it's own door, which locked from the outside (what was the point of lock all that stuff in there? wasn't a key lock, just a lock that you just turned from the outside). Opposite that door, was another door that locked from the outside (I understand this lock a bit more). When you went in, to the left was the laundry room, which was huge (why do you need a huge laundry room?). It had tons of shelf space, & that aforementioned laundry basket, the w/d (obviously), & then a bunch of extra space. The only bad thing about this design was that my mother had to carry all the clean laundry up the stairs (hey, at least she didn't have to lug it down). I remember, sometimes the bin was so full, when you tried to throw clothes down, they'd be wedged. You had to go downstairs, practically crawl up into the bin, & pull some clothes out to unblock it (we also had a stick we used upstairs to shove stuff down). Then there was a HUGE "den" area. 1/4 of it had carpet & a couple of sofas & a chair. The rest was tile. While there was some random furniture in this room, I LOVED this room, too. I taped a skating rink on the floor, & used this room for that. We would also play "hockey" down there, with sticks & pucks that the Birmingham Bulls IHL hockey league players would give us at games (we had season seats). I had a few birthday parties down there, including my 17th birthday party with my ex-boyfriend's band playing live. Then you left that room & there was a nice sized bedroom with a large closet, it's own mini kitchen (full sized fridge, full sized sink...just no stove or oven) & bathroom, & a private entrance with a private driveway. My uncle used this as an apartment when he was a teenager. This part of the basement was also a bit creepy, though. I think basements generally are. They are where the bugs/spiders like to be...and when it rained really hard, this room flooded (a couple of times, the rain water was inches deep in the entire basement). Nothing my dad did helped would just flood after a really heavy rain. was a really cool house. I loved my room, even though, as I got older, I started freaking out that people were going to break into my room. Mine was the only bedroom that had ground-level windows. Kathy's windows were 2 stories off the ground (the house was built into a hill, the rooms were all on the same floor), & my parent's even higher (I used to slide down their balcony pole to the ground when I was really gutsy). I know where this fear came from. One time, my parents went out, & my sister babysat for me. She put the chains on both doors...and then fell asleep with me. My parents broke in through MY window...and then I always felt anyone could. I almost never had the curtains opened, cause I felt people would be looking in on me.

Memories. The house is gone now. The people who bought it tore it down & re-built. I hear my huge bedroom was turned into the master bedroom CLOSET!!!! I think when I am there for Xmas, I am going to knock on their door & ask them to show me what they did with the house. The house sure looks prettier than ours did, from the outside, & I know they put a LOT of money into it. Ironically, they kept our old, beat-up mailbox! :-)

Which brings me back to this girl. I cannot IMAGINE being a teenager & not having your own room. Granted, not every teenager masturbates (I didn't, honestly)---although most boys probably do---but every teen deserves private space while going through puberty. I mean, come on. Boys waking up with morning wood or having wet dreams...and you have to get teased by your little brother? Getting your period & getting teased by your little sister? Imagine....5 teen girls in one room. *ack* If you HAVE to put two children in the same room while they are little, that is one thing. But 5 in one room is ridiculous, especially over the age of 12.

Please know that my intention is not to offend anyone reading. But this IS my journal, & this IS my opinion. Try not to take it personally.

I'm gonna rant more about this...but not here. Don't need to get flamed, thank you.
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