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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Thursday, September 26th, 2002

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I shouldn't leave the house. Humans annoy me too much.

Just on the way to the post office today: some jackass turning in front of me (when the road was clear behind me if he could have waited 10 seconds for me to pass), going 20 MPH, & then turning suddenly....no warning, no blinker (and yes, I was far enough back...I didn't hit him, did I?). I honked my displeasure & he had the CAJONES to turn around & look at me like "Bitch!" Ai-yi-yi. What galls me more than people being inconsiderate in a car is people getting pissed at YOU when you inform them they are being jackasses. Sorry to show you a mirror, buddy.

AND a "mother" walking with her baby in a stroller down the middle of the road. There was a sidewalk. She just preferred the middle of the road. Where cars drive. Where cars can careen too quickly around corners or back out of driveways or just plain not pay attention. Her baby. What a good mom. This reminds me of my dislike of parents who drag their kids across a busy road NOT at the crosswalk. It's one thing to jaywalk...another thing to do it while with your young children whom you should be protective over.

I really dug the new doctor show, "MDs." I liked the actors, particularly the Irish one (yeah, we know I have a thing for accents).
My favorite lines on this first episode:
First doc: Is he kidding?
Second doc: Does he look like he's kidding?
First doc: I don't know, what does he look like when he's kidding?


Can't wait for the season premieres of "Friends," "Will & Grace," & "ER," tonight....although I am sure the latter will be gory & gross, as per fweebles. Do they NEED to show people vomiting? Like the sound isn't enough???

Current Mood: calm
Thanks again to my pc teacher, "Professor Mistertibbs." He's da bomb.

And thanks again (like the thanks are ever going to stop coming for this one) to my bro, chappell. You know what you done done. I am gonna look soooooooooo cool! Heh....

And while I am thanking people, thanks for all the well wishes & hugs & words of encouragement during a low time in my life. Even if I don't respond, not one such comment goes unread or unappreciated. Thanks! *hugs*

Current Mood: grateful
I am collecting the new state quarters.

I need Mississippi & Indiana to complete my collection through 2002 (if they have even been released). I usually keep many extras, so I am wondering...does anyone have any extras of those two states they wouldn't mind parting with, & will y'all keep your eyes out for those two if you aren't collecting, & send them to me? I will send you back regular quarters in exchange.

Thanks! :-)

Current Mood: hopeful
I have been really proud of myself.

For a while, I couldn't resist the temptation to read ex-friends journals. Their journals were like magnets....especially the living joke. The last one I looked at, I was reading to see if I read a thank you to me....read in vain, no less. But hers was even the only one I had read in forever. But since then, I haven't read any of them. Sure, I still get stuff reported back to me by people on my friends list who DO read their journals (we do have some mutual friends, & I am also sure there are some "lurkers" involved, since these ex-friends made some enemies) from time to time, but even that is infrequent. I decided it was better for my delicate mental health to NOT read people I used to care about say cruel & usually false things about me. I don't know what happened, but I FOUND willpower. I just don't go to their journals anymore. I just don't. I am sure they won't believe me (I am 99.9% positive THEY still read MY journal), but it's the truth. And I have always admitted it in the past, so why lie now? There's no shame in lurking....I just don't do it anymore. It was hurtful to me. A few of them I genuinely cared about, & it hurt me to read cruel comments. It's been so much better for me to no longer read them. YAY me! It's been healthy for my mental health to move on. I certainly hoped (& still hold out hope, you know, being the cockeyed optimist I am) they had done the same, but knowing them, I am the most exciting thing they have to talk about most of the time (especially the one). Some of them seem inclined to simply be nasty, spiteful, bitter people. They cannot let go. That's sad.

Of course, a mutual friend gets the raw end of the deal. I don't read HER journal much anymore, either...because inevitably, one of these ex-friends (whom she's still friends with) will say something nasty about me in HER journal, too...and since she won't control it, I don't read her stuff much anymore, either. Not fair, but oh well.

Current Mood: bored
Ran around all day...with a fever.

Had to be done. I had to complete my scavenger hunt package for wolfiegirl!!! I had one thing left to get today, since I couldn't find it yesterday, & I have been really sick all week. Geez, let me tell you something, garden gnomes are hard to find in Los Angeles!!!! After searching & searching, I finally found ONE! I posed with him & was on my way. Got the package off today, & was quite pleased with my items!!! YAY!!! It was fun...and I met a couple of new people in the process.

Still laughing about one of items....hope it brings her as much amusement as it brought me! :-)

Current Mood: excited
"Friends" was frickin' HYSTERICAL tonight! How do they do it? And the actors are soooo talented & sooo perfect in these roles.

*still laughing*

Current Mood: bouncy
More answers to poll questions
macdhomhnuill As far as what? :-)

cherbear75 Ummm...yes. A few. :-)

Current Mood: calm
Well, minus the disgusting double chin look, I thought this was a kind cool pic, with the hair & all....

Current Mood: calm
Drat. Missed "Monk" tonight, & I have heard such good things about it. I set the timer....and forgot about this dadgum cable box thingy...didn't change the channel on the BOX....so the VCR worked just fine, it just taped the wrong channel, AND I also missed the first half of "Push, Nevada." Drat. Maybe I should put a little sticky note on the cable box that says, "CHANGE ME" until I get used to it. Pffffft.

On another note....I can't wait til "ER." I have heard amazing things about this episode, from fweebles, chappell, & others in their LJs. It MUST be good. I hope it's not TOO gory. *ack*

I must say, as I have previously, that "Friends" was hysterical tonight, but so was "Scrubs" & "Will & Grace." All 3 of those shows have such AMAZING ensemble casts. I watch them act & think, "If only *I* could be that good!" And Harry Connick, Jr. on "W&G"....YUM! That's all I have to say on that. Well, I lied. He is yum...but also an impressively good actor...and did really well with his funny lines.

My fave line from "Scrubs" tonight....JD falls right on top of a nurse...while they are laying on the floor, him on top of her, she says, "I hope you are going to make this worth my while." Heh-heh. And the janitor that reminds me of Chris Isaak...he's so funny. Heck, they are ALL funny.

I cannot take the hilarity & talent. I'm overwhelmed!

Current Mood: amused

Current Mood: shocked

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