September 27th, 2002

real Alice

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They did a study, & have determined that natural blondes might die out in 200 years. The blonde gene is not dominant...both parents have to be naturally blonde for the child to be blonde (wait a dad has dark brown hair, my mom had VERY blonde....and I am naturally that can't be true...anyway). The gene is dying out, mostly European, & 200 years from now, may be gone completely. So it will be bottle blondes everywhere.

Good thing I will be dead then. It doesn't affect me. I can't imagine being anything other than blonde, & am stoked to be one of the only natural blondes around these days...yes, even in Cali. Natural blondes ARE very hard to find these days. Look around you. ('s at least hard to find in Southern Cali, what with all the foreigners here.)
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