September 29th, 2002

real Alice

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Just a quick post before I dash off to work with very little sleep....

I couldn't get to bed at a timely hour last night. I have been intentionally staying up late at night, because the shifts I am about to work are from approx. 6PM-3AMish. YIKES! I'm not a night owl...I'm one of those annoying morning people (yeah, perky & smiling at 6AM....WHEN I have gotten the appropriate sleep, of course). So now when I DO have to get up early, my body doesn't want to shut down yet early at night. So I didn't get to sleep til really late...and then I JUST didn't sleep well. Kept hearing things...having weird dreams...tossing & turning. Geesh.

I am experiencing all different kinds of emotions about Haunt. I am excited to do something different, & see how cool I'm going to look. But I am terrified, too. Of many different things. First of all, I am scared of scary stuff. They want us to go through the other mazes on the Wed. dress rehearsal, but there's just NO way I'd make it. I'd crap myself. I'd seriously need mental counseling. For one thing, I'd be alone, cause none of my friends are working the no one to cling to. For another, I couldn't do it, anyway. Kenny took me through the Spider maze yesterday in broad daylight....and it scared me!!!! In daylight, with NO monsters in it. No lights, no sounds, no people....and it STILL scared me (it's gonna be a scary one, folks, especially if you don't like me). I do want to go on Wed. to see the Hanging show....but I don't think I could go into the mazes. I'm such a chicken.

But I am scared for myself, too. IF I am in the position I THINK I am going to be in, I am all alone in my section of the maze. I am behind a protective barricade....unless someone wants to jump over it! I hear the monsters get punched, slammed, kicked, etc...and hellllooooo, I am 4'10. One punch & I quit, cause they don't pay us enough to take that. So I hope I am behind this barricade. But then I am going to have to find ways to amuse & entertain myself for hours upon hours of the same thing. And try not to get scared to be in the maze...and remember *I* am a monster, & I shouldn't be scared of other monsters. Riiiiiiiiiight. So I am apprehensive about the whole thing, because I don't know what to expect. I'll have a better idea after the dress reh. on Tues, & even more of an idea after Thur. night's opening night. I just really hope I am in that room I think I'm in....and I think I am. It's the first Malice you see in the maze, & a prime position...when they pulled the part for me, they insisted I was over-qualified for I am sure they gave me the best spot. We'll see.

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