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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Tuesday, October 1st, 2002

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Another Dose of Reality
So I asked "Reality" to send me a picture of himself, because I was honestly curious what such a man would look like. So here's his return response, & under a cut, his picture. *giggle*


In response to Your questions:

1) Upon Your request, a picture of Me, REALITY, is attached!!

2) Isn't that a Florida area code? - Yes!! It is a Florida area code, My love!!

I beg of You, LilSweetNSassy, to please email Me, again, as I am irresistably attracted to You feminine sexual beauty!! I need to be Owned by You, as Your slave & property!! I want to be used by You & taken for all that I am, have, and will have, by being Cleopatratized by Your irresistable feminine sexual beauty!! I want You to have a tell, don't ask, policy where You command Me to fulfill all of the desires of Your heart, will, and whims and take everything from Me, even against My will, with My full permission, as I beg to worship You and be used by You. I want to work for You, where You just keep taking everything that I work for, anytime You Goddamn fucking feel like!! I need to start out with developing trust between Us, with mutual consensuality, where, You respect My limits!!
I long for Your attention and to be controlled by Your irresistable feminine sexual beauty!!



Picture here.Collapse )

Current Mood: amused
Broken skies, heartaches that flowers won't mend
Say goodbye knowing that this is the end
Tender dreams, shadows fall
Love too sweet, to recall
Dry your eyes, Face the dawn
Life will go on

All day long thought that we still had a chance
Letting go, this is the end of romance
Broken hearts find your way
Make it through just this day
Face the world on your own
Life will go on, life will go on

There'll be blue skies, every true love
Someday I'll hold you again
They'll be blue skies in a better world, darlin'

Tender dreams, shadows fall
Love too sweet, to recall
Dry your eyes, Face the dawn
Life will go on, life will go on
Broken heart find your way
Make it through just this day
Face the world on your own
Life will go on

Damn that Chris Isaak, he really knows what's up....
(GORGEOUS song....you gotta hear it)

Current Mood: contemplative
Y'all really should check out my weatherpixie (which, of course, I stole from mistertibbs & get your own. It's so cool! You post it in your journal, & as your local temp changes, your pixie changes clothes! Way cool! OK, so I'm easily entertained, but still.

So Alan (my cruise ship romance...."fling" really wouldn't be fair, since all we did was kiss) has called me two days in a row. I think he's really snookered on me. He's such a cutie. He called me Sunday night from New Jersey (where his sister lives), & then called me again yesterday. He's supposed to call me again today. He's going to try to get permission to come to California in December before he goes back to his ship. If not, he's hoping to get a visa approved to come spend some time with me by the time he gets his next 2 1/2 month break (around June-ish). That would be nice....but it's awfully hard to predict the way things will be by then. I mean, I could be involved (yeah, RIIIIIIIIGHT) or he could be. One cannot predict that far in advance. I also hope to have some money to take a cruise on his ship & spend time with him....IF he can get me his discount. THAT would be SO awesome. I love cruises, & I'd love to spend time with him again. He's a good guy. It's just sweet...we had long talks about how the last time he'd dated, he'd gotten really hurt...and then he started viewing women as "evil"...and he said I changed his mind (I know, little does he know, hahaha).

We'll see.

Current Mood: contemplative
So tonight is my dress rehearsal for Haunt. About half the maze performers are in tonight, & the other half is allowed to come in & watch us. That's the most pressure, because you have the other monsters critiquing you, instead of just guests. You can't scare these people...not that I plan to really be that scary anyway. I seriously have no idea what I am going to do.

I can't wait to see what I look like, though!!! YAAAY! I'm gonna look eerie! Part of my costume hasn't arrived yet, though. :-( Maybe it will get here tomorrow, I should have it in time for the opening night, anyway.

I am stoked about one thing. They don't give the Haunt workers anywhere to leave their valuables. They say that anything you don't want stolen, you have to wear on your person. So if you bring a wallet, cellphone, whatever...you have to find a way to keep it on you, without taking away from the costume. I am not taking much, just my cellphone, my wallet, & my keys. That's it. The bare minimum. So I was trying to figure out how in the world I would carry my cellphone on me without it bulking out. Then I thought of something. I asked my buddy, Kenny, who's the usher shift leader, if I could borrow a tiny portion of his locker during Haunt. He has a locker right by the Entertainment office, which is directly across from my maze. He said he doesn't even use it, so I can use the whole thing, & he gave me his combo. Sweeeeeeet! So I can just walk in, put my stuff in that locker, & head over to wardrobe & make-up! I don't have to carry anything on me! YAAAAAY! That's great!

Current Mood: appprehensive
This is just a drawing, but this is what my make-up is supposed to look like as Malice, so I hear. Only I will be wearing a really cheap, ugly neon green wig....

Current Mood: calm
Three words:




Haunt rehearsal report here.Collapse )

Current Mood: drained
I was having this interesting discussion with someone the other day. We have polar opposites views on gift-giving. I was raised to show gratitude for the thought of a gift, whether I like it or not. When my great-aunt Helen gave me a crappy gift for Xmas one year, I didn't roll my eyes or clam up in silence or ask her why in the HELL she bought me that. I smiled & simply said, "Thank you!" I didn't lie & gush on & on about how much I LOVED it, just simply thanked her for the thought & effort.

Well, this other person equates saying "thank you" when you don't like a gift as lying. It's deceitful to thank someone when you don't appreciate that particular gift.

My argument is that you aren't thanking the person for that gift per se, as much as you are just thanking them for the thought. I feel it's ungrateful to not show appreciation, even when you DON'T care for the gift. Sometimes, the person might have put a lot of thought & effort into picking out that ugly sweater for you, picking one they *THOUGHT* you would like, & their feelings could be hurt if you blurt out, "What in the HELL made you think I would like this ugly ass sweater? Did you keep the receipt?" (And yeah, then you find out they crocheted it just for you....oooops.)

I just feel you should ALWAYS say "thank you" for EVERY gift you receive, no matter what it is or how much you like it. If you could desperately use some cash, & your grandma gives you a cash gift...a donation in your name to her fave charity....you STILL say, "Thank you, that was really thoughtful."

But again, this is just the way I was raised, & also the way *I* feel it should be. But I realize that I am usually the odd bird. So now I am curious. I made this quiz to see how other people feel, & to see if I can connect any factors as to why you might think the way you do. The answers can only be viewed by me, so BE HONEST!

Thanks in advance for participating!

When someone gives you a gift, whether you LIKE that gift or NOT, do you show appreciation?

It depends

Is that the way you were raised, or your adult independent thought?

It's the way I was raised.
It's my own adult independent thought, damnit!

Where were you raised?

The South
The North
The Mid-West
The West
Outside the US
Other (?)

Growing up, was your family:

Blue Collar
Middle Class
Upper Middle Class

If you answered "it depends" on question #1, what does it depend on?

Any comments? Thoughts you'd like to share? Personal opinions on this topic?

Current Mood: curious

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