October 4th, 2002

real Alice

Yet another dose of Reality

Yes, folks, he wrote to me AGAIN. No, I didn't respond back, he just responded all on his own this time. Dooodes, this guy is just nutty!

Dear Mistress,

Firstly, I need to apologize to You & beg Your forgiveness for any and all disobedience on My part!! I will go all out to make it up to You, now!!

I, REALITY, am on Your side, all the Way!! I vow to You, Mistress, that I will make You enormously rich, in every way, below, & submissively tell You exactly how, I, REALITY, will do this!!:

1) All of the desires of Your heart & fantasies will be fulfilled!!
2) You will be made enormously wealthy!!
3) You will have tremendous sexual pleasure!!
4) You will be honored, glorified, & worshipped, by all!!
5) You will possess all power!!

I, REALITY, will do this, by, from this moment on, allowing You, for the first time, to Own Me & everything that I possess!! I, REALITY, am enormously wealthy, in all of the 5 categories, above!! From this moment on, I am willing, with all that I am & all that I possess, to be Your slave and property!!

I, REALITY, now, will contact You for a meeting, at Your discretion, in order to sign over to You, Mistress, everything that I possess!! I will sign anything with My own free will or against My own free will, according to whatever You may fucking want to use Me for!!

If I may explain Myself to You, Mistress!! I have acquired, throughout My life, vast possessions of tremendous value & preciousness, as well as, enormous investments, money accounts, etc. I have a record of everything that I own!! I do things, all alone, & I, REALITY, am the only one that You, Mistress, would, should You permit & are willing, need to meet!! I beg of You, Mistress, to contact Me, by telephone, at:
561-732-****, in order to dictate to Me, REALITY, the date, time, place, & Your commands, in regard to Our meeting!! I will be obedient, on this occasion & forevermore!! Like I said, Mistress, I cannot be happy unless I am used & taken, through Your irresistible feminine sexual beauty, for everything that I am, possess, & will continue to acquire for You, Mistress, as I beg to be under Your boots & to work for You, as Your eternal slave & property!!



Attached is My pic, please forgive My inferior beauty, before Your Glorious, Beatific, Domination & Absolute Control & Ownership of me!!

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real Alice

(no subject)

Ok, here are the first Malice shots. I must say (with more to report later, like when I wake up after noon!), I totally freaked people out looking like this, & with the looks I gave them....and even genuinely scared others! *evil grin*

Did you ever think you would see this side of me (particularly if you know me in person)????

Shall I make an icon out of this, ohmyhead???? ;-Þ

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real Alice

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So last night was a blast. I am sore in many muscles, & soooo tired. But it was so much fun. The night went faster than I thought it would.
When I went outside for my breaks & walked to Crew's Nest, I had to walk through some parts of the park to get there. People who had already been through my maze would say, "There goes Malice! Hey, Malice!!!" I'd just turn & give them my psychotic glare. They were eating it up. I'd just stare at people as they passed....and some people would literally halt in their tracks to let me pass first. :-)

Some of the many, many comments I heard OVER & OVER last night:
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