October 5th, 2002

real Alice

With Reality, it only gets better

Dear Wife,

I am the Final Coming, Your Creator, Savior, Husband, Etc.!! Everything that You have accused Me of is in You & not in Me, at all!!
Anyone who dies, with even a tiny bit of sin in them, goes to ETERNAL HELL, instantly, without exception!! I, REALITY, am Your Savior, full of Graces, Blessings, & Gifts!! It is because of Me & The Family of REALITY that You will be saved, one day, & join Our Family, which is full of Truth, Pleasure, Freedom, & all of the other Virtues!!

Love & Peace,

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And now for a brief Haunt rant....

I dislike flakes. 11 people quit our maze last night...either just didn't show or walked off the job. Most just didn't show. You NEVER, EVER do that. You NEVER burn your bridged behind you. Even if you think, "Well, I don't care if I ever work at Knott's again," you never know when the person who hired you will be the person hiring at a job you DO want. You NEVER just not show up. You call & explain why you are quitting, & have a damn good reason. Friggin' pussies. I think one of the blackouts quit because Carlos wouldn't move her to a better location, & she was "bored." One girl quit cause she got punched...that's a decent reason (she's worked Haunt for many years, & I guess just had enough). I think a card got fired for grabbing some girl's boob. That's just dumb. Sheesh.

So we have very few people scaring, & there were only SIX blackouts for the entire maze. That's really dangerous. It's a big, long maze. Luckily, I have a great blackout in my maze. The worst that has happened to me so far is a guy patted my head. Cindy started to go after him, but I told her I was okay. Go after the really bad guys, I can handle head pats.

And then.....at one point, one of my rabbits (who I am having fun with) came up to me, hugged me close, & said, "Do you realize you're the only Malice working right now?" All the other Malices were just chillin' backstage. There's like 6 of us! 5 were hanging out backstage! The point is to have Malices popping up all over the maze! I can't work the maze by myself! And the spineless shift leader wasn't telling them to get back to work! Unbelievable! Sheesh.
And even when the other Malices DO work...they aren't very scary. They are not "performing," they just shake a shaker can in someone's face every once in a while. Geez. Such a lack of professionalism from these people. It's pathetic. It took 3 1/2 hours before I got my first break!

Oh well...I am doing my job & doing it well.
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