October 8th, 2002


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wolfiegirl ROCKS! But then, you all already knew that!!!

She sent me the coolest package of stuff...a groovy certificate, yummy HOT peanuts that were quickly eaten (*whew*...still sweatin' from those!), recipes, a glow stick, & an awesome CD!!!!

Thanks, girl! You rawk!!!! *hugs*
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Just for vixyash, here's the Haunt discount dates again. Like I said before, you must somehow get the money to me for me to buy the tickets (wish I had the money to pay up front & get reimbursed, but I don't), & then I will buy your tickets & mail them to you, or you can pick them up from me, or whatever.

The tickets are regularly $38 pre-sell, & $42 day of event, so these discounts are HUGE!!!! And Haunt is a fun, fun time if you like to be scared (if not, you'd be pretty friggin' miserable).

OK...here's the link to the previous post I did with the discount dates:
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Poll #66409 Scaring kids

When a terrified small child comes into my maze, should I:

Scare the child as I would anyone else coming through....if the child freaks out, let the parents who were dumb enough to bring a young child in there deal with the fallout.
Don't scare the child....just cause his/her parents are dumb & irresponsible, that's no reason for the child to suffer...he/she didn't have a choice, they were dragged into the maze.

If you answered other, please elaborate.

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I'm gonna remove some people off my friends list whom I never see around.....so if you are "lurking" & enjoy reading my journal, but just haven't contributed yet, speak up now or forever hold your peace!

***edit*** If you respond occasionally, & we converse here & there, you are not in jeopardy! I am referring to the people on my friends list whom I NEVER see respond, never email, never IM, nothing....those "invisible" friends. And it's nothing personal, I just don't have room for people who don't occasionally participate (participation on EVERY post is most certainly not necessary or desired....just OCCASIONAL participation).
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So I watched "Pretty Woman" today while sitting around doing next to nothing. It's one of my fave movies. And no, I'm not just biased because I know Garry Marshall. It's a GREAT movie.

Anyway...it made me think. Some prostitutes choose that career because they don't think they can do anything else, & they like sex (or don't mind having it, & think, "if I am going to have it, might as well get paid for it"). Some choose it because they feel they have no other choice. Some fall into it & stay there because the money is good for doing such "easy" work. I'm sure there are many other reasons, too.

So....what do you think? Don't be shy with your answers, they are private.

Poll #66430 Sex for money

Would you have sex for money?


Please explain your answer. If "yes," why? If "no," why not? If "depends," what does it depend on?

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So, if you are interested in the poll results from my "do you show appreciation for ANY gift, whether you like it or not" poll....here they are.

A whopping 98.3% (58 votes) always show appreciation for a gift, whether they like it or not. They 98.3% of people polled agree that showing appreciation for the THOUGHT of a gift isn't the same as saying, "I LOVE it!" 1.7% (1 vote) said "it depends." No one said "no," they don't show appreciation when they get a gift they don't like.

When asked if you came to this conclusion because you were either raised that way, it's your own independent thought, or both:
10 votes (16.9%) said they were raised that way
5 votes (8.5%) said it was their own independent adult thought
44 votes (74.6%) said it was both

When asked where you were raised (& I left out the East, d'oh!):
15 votes (25.4%) were from the South
12 votes (20.3%) were from the West
11 votes (18.6%) were from the Mid-West
8 votes (13.6%) were from outside the US
7 votes (11.9%) were from "other"
6 votes (10.2%) were from the North

When asked the financial status of your family growing up:
34 votes (57.6%) were raised middle class
10 votes (16.9%) were raised upper middle class
10 votes (16.9%) were raised in a blue collar family
3 votes (5.1%) were raised in a wealthy family
2 votes (3.4%) were from a poor family

My findings are that most people ARE raised to appreciate any gift, whether they like it or not, & furthermore, most people stick to the way they were taught when they become adults.

Some thoughts....

The voter who selected "it depends" said that because he/she has gotten some gifts out of spite, & if it's that kind of gift, he/she does not show gratitude...but if it's a gift out of love, he/she does.

Here are the random comments that were made, with the voter's name removed from the comment, to protect their privacy.

"I am always gracious for anyone who takes time to buy a present. It's definitely the thought that counts for me. Doesn't mean I won't throw it away though."

"a gift is a gift, not an accumulation"

"It's the *right* thing to say TY for the thought AND their time & effort!!"

"It's common courtesy to show appreciation for the thought and not necessarily the gift."

"it always brings great joy to my heart when someone randomly gives me something.. it's nice to be though of, you know? even if I don't show it like super beaming oh-my-god-i'm-so-damned-excited on the outside... the inside is"

"It's called respect."

"Key word here is POLITENESS. Treat someone how you'd want to be treated. I think that dictates behavior in this situation, among so many others."

"It's the thought that counts...right!?!"

"I was so poor when I was a kid getting a present period was something to be happy about."

"golden rule, baybeeeeee. In all matters."

"I think the thought does deserve appreciation, even if the gift is bad or whatever."

"I was raised to always thank the person over the phone or in person, and follow it up with a thank you note."

"As I was always taught, and continue quite firmly to believe, it's the thought that counts."

"I appreciate the thought of friends giving me things."

"People today just have no common courtesy."

"We were taught that a gift is something special, not something to be expected, and that any gift is worthy of gratitude for the though, effort, and expense put into it. I still very much believe that."

"I firmly believe that if someone goes out of there way to do something for you, or give you something, you should thank them. Whether or not you particularly enjoy it. That's just how I feel, though."

"Kids are fucking rude." (editor's note: heh-heh to that comment)

"If I put a lot of thought into getting someone a gift, and they ended up disliking it and it was apparent because they gave a disappointed look or didn't say thank you, I would probably never get them a gift again."

Thanks to everyone who participated!!! :-)
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