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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Wednesday, October 9th, 2002

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OK...opinions needed.

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Current Mood: curious
So my make-up transformation as Malice has been interesting.

Every night, it's different. Andrea is my main make-up artist, but another girl did it Sunday night, so it's totally different that night (she airbrushed almost everything, whereas Andrea only airbrushes the white).

Witness my nightly transformation.

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Current Mood: mellow
So....mistertibbs....Guy Ritchie....Guy Ritchie....mistertibbs...am I the only one who sees the similarities?

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Current Mood: intrigued
So there's a poll on AOL for who should play the next Superman.

Christopher Reeve left some big tights to fill.

The choices (I guess these are the ones they are in talks with to do it) are a bit lack-luster if you ask me. Actors who I either really don't picture as Superman physically, or actors who...well, aren't that great at acting.

I don't know why Dean Cain can't do it. He was a great Superman on "Lois & Clark"....looked the part AND can act well.

So the poll votes, out of 79,952 votes...the results are a bit stunning"

43% Keanu Reeves
27% Josh Hartnett
18% Heath Ledger
12% Jude Law

Ummmm....yeah, Keanu is a great little action star, but he can't act his way out of a box. Josh Hartnett...while I can see him doing it, physically, I don't think much of his acting skills, either. Heath & Jude...I like their acting just fine, but can't see them doing it, physically.


Poll #66639 Superman

Who do you see playing the next Superman?

Keanu Reeves
Josh Hartnett
Heath Ledger
Jude Law

If "other," who?? And why?

Current Mood: curious
circlek......I'd have to pay you??? *wink*

Current Mood: amused
Don't forget to vote in this poll, it's a really interesting one. And don't forget your comments at the end. I will post them later, anonymously, of course. :-)


Current Mood: curious
Some other choices from Entertainment Weekly for Superman:

Christian Bale
Billy Campbell
Matt Damon
Patrick Warburton

I actually can see Billy Campbell....but don't think they'd choose him for lack of exposure.

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