October 11th, 2002


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Just a quick one before I head back to work.

I just got back from my "date." Yep, I just met J.B. I drove up, spotted him, & found myself thinking, "He doesn't look like his picture. But as I greeted him, his face was the same. His hair was just a lot scragglier than it was in his picture. He's very exotic looking, and certainly handsome. Not as tall as I was expecting, but still tall (I'd guess around 5'10).

We sat there & talked from 12 til around 1:15, when he had to head to San Diego (was picking up his roommate at 1:30). He seems like a great guy. He has my sense of humor. At one point, I got a whiff of something stinky, & I said, "Why do I smell poop all of a sudden?" Without missing a beat & with a totally straight face, he said, "I just crapped in my pants. It happens sometimes. Sorry." Yeah, yeah, I have a sick sense of humor, but I thought it was really funny. :-)Anyway....we'll see if he calls me. He said he'd give me a ring when he got back from San Diego (Monday), but we'll see. I have been told many times "I'll call you" to have my phone never ring.
So time will tell. I DID feel that we had a good connection. He could have said he had to leave earlier, & left much earlier than he did. He also gave me a hug, when I just started to put out my hand to shake his. There was also a moment there where he stared intently into my eyes as he hugged me (as opposed to an uncomfortable head turned away hug). There seemed to be chemistry, & he seemed to like me....but again....who knows? We'll see.

I also dropped my video tape audition off at STAR 98.7 (a local radio station). They are holding a "be a star" contest, looking for singers. As I got in the elevator to drop it off (today was the last day you could turn it in), I saw Ryan Seacrest getting on another elevator. *tremble* I WISH he had been on my elevator. I don't give a hoot that he's "famous," I just think he's a total hottie. (For those of you who don't know who he is, Ryan was the cute host of "American Idol"...not the dorky one, the cute one....yum!)

This video I made is a SCREAM! I am the world's biggest dork, there's no doubt about that. I am hysterical on this tape. I made a copy of it to keep, it was so funny. I am quite sure that I will not make the top 25, but I have no doubts that they will be amused. I wish you guys could see it, cause it's really funny. I made it this morning, in a hurry. But hey....at least I have personality!!!! There can be no doubts about that.
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