October 12th, 2002

real Alice

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My Lord.

My feet & shins hurt so badly from tonight, I wanna cry. I think at the end of this event, I will have Knott's do the honors of getting my shins X-rayed. I think I am getting stress fractures. It's either that or shin splits, but it feels more like the stress fractures I had when I was younger. Owwwwwie!

I slammed some poor girl tonight, accidentally. She was really scared, & I chased her down the hall. Unbeknownest to me, one of my rabbits was chasing her back UP the hall, & when I turned a blind corner, she ran smack into me, HARD. Ooooops.

Some large woman walked by, looked suspiciously at me & said, "I don't know about THIS bitch!" So I chased her down the hall, her screaming all the way. She was about 3 times my size.

I chased a bunch of people tonight. It was fun.

Thought of JB a lot tonight, too. I really hope he calls, & if my instinct is correct, I think he will. But I could be wrong. He was definitely a cutie.

I am meeting another guy from Hot or Not, probably next week. His name is Chris, & he's a fireman. He seems nice, too. :-) Like to keep my options open!
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