October 13th, 2002


How to make Alice mad....

Show up at my doorstep, BANGING on the metal screen door, at 10:30AM, when I got home at 3AM from work, to preach to me in SPANISH ONLY about Jehovah's Witnesses.

Yeah...that's gonna get me to join. As much as I try to respect all religions, I certainly don't like Jehovah's Witnesses (not the people, the religion & their beliefs).

1) BANGING on my door
2) BANGING on my door on a SUNDAY
3) BANGING on my door at 10:30AM....ANY intelligent person knows that people work nightshifts. There should be no phone calls & no door banging til well after noon on ANY given day.
4) ASSUMING that everyone in my neighborhood speaks Spanish
5) Showing up at a door trying to convince someone to join your religion by only speaking Spanish. If you want to reach everyone, you send people out in groups who are multi-lingual
6) Showing up at my door at all. I don't believe in the door to door religion sales crap (mostly Jehovah's Witnesses & Mormons). If your religion is THAT great, it would speak for itself. People would FLOCK to your church, because of the shining example you set. A good religion does not need people advertising it. Get the hell off my doorstep.

Oooooooo....NOT happy. This event is kicking my ass, & I NEED my sleep. Once I get up & move around, I can't get back to sleep. I thought it might be my neighbor or my landlord. *grumble*
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real Alice

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Yep. It finally happened.

I got smacked at Haunt.

For some reason, the guests have been violent this weekend, & I hear it only gets worse.

WHY are people this way? You think you pay your $40 & can slug monsters? "Hey, they scared me, I can hit them?"

I place a LOT of the blame on drugs & alcohol. I think alcohol more than drugs, because my understanding is that you tend to be more mellow & non-violent when you are stoned. Every person who has been in an altercation has been drunk or high. You can smell the pot on them, you can smell the booze on their breath.

I don't fault the two guys who slugged me last night. More here.Collapse )
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