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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Tuesday, October 15th, 2002

Time Event
Haunt time
About to leave for the set. My tummy hurts. I didn't eat badly yesterday. Hmmmm.....

So listen up local peeps (especially the likes of justj, coral, alilnoochie, izzicam, narrowminded, faeriewitch, vixyash, quenya, etc.)......

mr_dark, kimberly, & freakyme are going to Knott's Halloween Haunt this Saturday night. Now, this is NOT a night I can get y'all discount tix, but it's $35 with a Burger King coupon, & it would be fun to go with a big group. Saturdays are packed, too, which can be good & bad (good because there's more amusement watching others be terrified).

If you can't go that night, let me know if you want me to get you discount tix for another night (IF it's a night I can do that, obviously, & I have posted the dates a bizillion times).

Time is running out...as the event gets closer to the end, the dates start selling out.

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Poll #68018 Clowns

Are you afraid of clowns?

Hell yeah! *shudder*
No, don't be ridiculous, clowns are funny not scary.
Only the psycho ones, not the Ringling Brothers type.
Only if they are wearing diapers on their heads & have strap-on penises on their noses instead of the red ball.
Only when I wake up next to one after a late night of excessive drinking.

What do you suppose started your fear, if you can pinpoint it?

Does your fear affect your life (such as not being able to take your kids to the circus, etc.)?

Nope. I can face my fear.
Yes, I suck.
N/A (not scared of clowns)

Current Mood: curious
Poll Results
Here's the poll results on whether or not I should scare a terrified child who comes through my maze.
Scare the child as I would anyone else coming through....if the child freaks out, let the parents who were dumb enough to bring a young child in there deal with the fallout.
6 votes (14.6%)

Don't scare the child....just cause his/her parents are dumb & irresponsible, that's no reason for the child to suffer...he/she didn't have a choice, they were dragged into the maze.
25 votes (61.0%)

10 (24.4%)

Explain the "other" or comment.

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More poll results
Would you have sex for money?
11 votes (28.2%)

18 votes (46.2%)

10 votes (25.6%)

***editor's note: That was a close one, only a few more "no" votes than "yes" votes. I was surprised...and then remembered that LJ people tend to be a bit more open-minded than people in the "outside world." Carry on!***

Explain your "maybe" answer, or make comments. (Names & facts removed to protect the innocent.)

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More personal ad fun
So this guy IMs me through this new dating site I am on.

First of all, in his headline, he describes himself as a "very good looking man." Looking at his picture, I seriously beg to differ. It's not even that he's not my type...and it's not that he's "ugly" or unattractive....but he's certainly not "very" good looking, & frankly, "goodlooking" is even stretching it. Of course, this IS just MY opinion, as beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. But come on...even if you ARE "very good looking," is it appropriate to brag about that? If you are good looking, your picture will speak for itself. Of course, my headline is "cute but picky," but honestly, I use cute to describe my personality more than my looks.


So I look at his profile, more fun here...Collapse )

Current Mood: amused
Ummmm.....why do men you have never met & are talking to for the first time insist on calling you "honey," "sweetie," "gorgeous," "hot stuff," "darlin'," etc??? I can't STAND being called those things by people I don't know, it's too familiar. *arrrrggggghhhhh*

Current Mood: annoyed
Dooode! I've got this stuff that's like liquid gold! You might remember me mentioning it back when I had that cold, & I gargled with it. I believe it actually did reduce the duration of my cold, cause it sure didn't last long (& I know others who can't get rid of it!).

I got it at the fair, & it's called Florida's Best APR (arthritis pain relief). It relieves like...everything! You drop a tiny drop into your hands, rub it in, & then cup your nose & inhale...& it clears your nasal passages. You drop two capfuls in a hot bath, & it soothes your aching muscles. Like I said, you can gargle with it & it reduces the severity of your cold. You can rub it into your temples for headache relief. The bottle says, "Use on minor cuts, burns, sores, sinus, hay fever, insect bites, sinus headaches, sunburn, colds, helps to stop snoring, use on your hemorrhoids, can help ladies with urinary tract infections, vaginitis, yeast infections & cystitis, back pain, neck pain, cramps, leg pain, etc. Sheesh. I have been soaking my feet in it with hot water, & then rubbing it on my sore feet, & it's amazing!


Check this chit out! It goes a looooong way, too. All natural ingredients.

I sound like an advertisement...but I believe in positive word of mouth is a product is good!

Current Mood: calm
This morning's "work" was mind-bogglingly easy.

I was originally called in at 8:30AM, but they changed the call-time to 10:30AM. I got there exactly on time (cut it really close leaving the house). I worked 3 minutes, TOPS, & was done around 11:45AM. And got paid $125 (well, before taxes!)!!!! Sweet! And had a free breakfast, & said hi to the cute star of the show, Will Estes. :-) Not a bad deal.

Even better, they called & asked me back today. There is a regular stand-in for this little boy, but she is apparently doing something or sick or something, so they are having me fill in. Sweet! Work, two days in a row! I LOVE that!!! I would LOVE to get a steady stand-in gig. That would be SOOO awesome. But I am just grateful to have some work!!!! Contrary to popular belief, I don't LIKE sitting on my butt, doing nothing. I LIKE working...as long as it's within my chosen career, or having something to do with stuff I am interested in.

The crew seemed pretty nice....not that I had much of a chance to get to know any of them.

There was one funny moment. I was standing outside the fake bedroom window, watching what the little boy was doing in the scene, so that I could match it. The director walks by, sees me watching, & says, "Are you the mother?" *gulp* I said, "No, I'm his stand-in." I mean, I guess the little boy to be around 8-10ish, & I guess I technically could have a child that age. But I don't LOOK my age. I must have had a stunned look on my face, cause a crew guy says, "You don't look old enough to have a son that age." I laughed & he said, "No laughing from new people." :-)

I am already getting nervous about the Xmas show at Knott's. The tree-lighting will be fun, but I will be carrying (well, me & Erin when she does it) the entire stage show, & it's a big show. "Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy" is a HARD song for me to sing. It's RIGHT on my break. I sing two words in my head voice (which is weak cause I don't use it enough), then drop to my chest voice for one words. Sheesh. The stress. *ack*

Current Mood: calm
Ok, so here's a sneak peek at my Halloween costume.

I stole the corset from trista. It was so pretty, & I know I will use it again. I could use something to suck up my gut!

I only have pics so far of the corset & the gloves. I am going to wear the corset with a long black skirt I have that looks kinda goth (might have to pin it on, since I gained so much weight). Then I will use white make-up on whatever else shows of my arms & shoulders, neck & face, the white contact lenses, blood red lipstick with a trickle in the corner of my mouth, I MIGHT use the Alice Cooper eyes that I wear as Malice (but is that Vampire-ish???), & then I will crinkle my hair & tie some sort of black thing around my forehead. Or should I use a dark haired wig? Party City has a Vampiress wig on sale....a plain brown one with bangs that come to a point, & the same style with purple or blue streaks. But I thought my own hair might be a nice contrast against the black of the costume. Opinions please.

Poll & pictures here.Collapse )

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