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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Wednesday, October 16th, 2002

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I was asked to stand in for the little boy on "America Dreams." I saw on the callsheet that he was only in ONE scene, & it was early in the day, & my call time was 10AM. So I assumed I would be done early, early enough to even get a nap before I met a guy from the net, as I had planned!! :-)

So I get there, & no one is there. Turns out, my call time had been pushed to 12:30PM, but no one had called to tell me. Not only that, but the little boy I was standing in for was sick & didn't come in at all. I figured I could just go home. Even the young star, Will Estes, tried to get them to let me go. Then I looked on the call sheet again, & saw that they had me down to be the stand-in for ANOTHER character---the younger daughter, Patty---as well as the
little boy, & she was in several scenes, & could work until 9PM (minors can only work around 8 hours, but her call time was late). So she got dismissed at 9PM...and so did I. I never DREAMED that I would be there that long. They didn't communicate anything to me. This is how it goes when you are a peon in the acting world.

So poor Jack thinks I totally dogged him. We just talked last night about meeting for dinner & bowling at Jerry's Deli. I was supposed to call him, & we'd set a time. He probably sat around all night waiting for my call. *sigh* I didn't take his number, because like I said, I had no idea I'd be there that long. Had they COMMUNICATED with me, I wouldn't have made any plans. So I couldn't even call him to tell him what was going on. I feel horrible. I called & left a message, & emailed him explaining things. Either he's cool about it or he isn't. There was nothing I could do.

More ranting & your opinion needed here.Collapse )

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Ummmm.....some lady just offered Giants tickets in exchange for a sperm donation. She promises to raise the kid a Giants fan.

*scratching head*

Current Mood: confused
Hey, macdhomhnuill! You think a vampiress should have black lips instead of blood red? Anyone agree? :-)

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