October 17th, 2002

real Alice


A bit of an update with the call time thing. I just had a 30+ minute conversation with an employee at Central (the night crew). Since he called to push my calltime to 11:30, I decided to take advantage of having him on the phone. He was most patient & helpful.

I explained both situations to him. He says they (the night crew, the people who would call to give you your updated call time) only have the phone number that the casting director---Chad---gives them. But here's the weird thing. He, Donovan, called me at my home number. The chick Monday night called me on my home number. Neither had any problem updating me. So the person LAST night only had my old cellphone number? I called my old cellphone, & my voice mail telling the new number is NOT picking up. SPRINT is fucked, as usual. But STILL! They obviously have my home number, & called me on it 2 out of 3 nights. ALL numbers listed should be called. He said the girl last night made a notation to call Extras Management today, & have them get in touch with me. My NEW cellphone rang at 7:30AM...an unrestricted number, & they DIDN'T leave a message. Donovan says everyone is trained to leave messages. So why didn't whoever tried to call me this morning---Extras Management or Central---leave a message??? I tried my new phone....the voicemail picks up just fine. No problems. And it says, "Hi, you have reached Alice's voicemail," so there is no way they didn't know it was the right phone number. They called TWICE, & didn't leave a message. Donovan says he leaves a message on any machine or voicemail he can reach....anywhere he can leave a message, he does. So why didn't this person? And why did the person calling to push my call time last night only have my old cellphone #, & NOT my home number, as the person Monday night AND Donovan did???????

Donovan pointed out that one potential problem---with the not hearing about about those steady gigs twice, too---is that I am listed in the computer by my STAGE name, my SAG name....NOT my legal name. Yet my vouchers & paychecks always have my legal name on them. Central knows me by my legal name. But I was originally registered under my stage name, cause that's what my SAG card says. He even tried looking me up to see what #s they had for me in the system, & he says, "Nope, you aren't in our system." I said, "Try looking me up under my SAG name." He did, & I came right up. I don't buy it for the problems in the past, because if that CD called me originally to ask if I was available for a steady gig, how would they suddenly lose me in the system over the next couple of days? That's not logical.

And it still doesn't solve the mystery of why the person last night didn't call my home number, or rather, why Chad gave the other two people my home number to call, but gave the girl last night my old cellphone. The cellphone situation is fixed, Donovan put my new one in, but still. That girl last night probably tried to find me in the system under my legal name...but nothing came up. *sigh*

Will have to find some way to straighten this out, but still might try talking to some sort of manager at Central.
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real Alice

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Local LJers! Do ya like The Tubes or Velvet Chain?

What: Fundraising Concert with THE TUBES!!! ("She's a Beauty", "Talk to You Later", "White Punks" and "Don't Want to Wait Anymore" - see www.the-tubes.com)
But wait.. there's more!
Opening for the Tubes is Velvet Chain (as seen on Buffy the Vampire Slayer! see their website at www.velvetchain.com) Note: The date was just confirmed so the show won't be on their websites for a week or so)
When: Saturday, December 14th at 8pm
Where: La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts
14900 La Mirada Blvd., La Mirada 90638
Tickets: $30/35 (a portion of your ticket is tax deductible!)
Call the La Mirada Theatre Box Office at 562-944-9801 or click the seat advisor link on the Golden State Theatre web site or go by the theatre box office in person! Tickets should be on sale by Oct 23rd. I'll send an update!
Note: Recommended mature audience (it's a rock concert for goodness sakes)
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Cause people keep asking me.....

Here are the discount Haunt dates AGAIN:

October 29 & 30 -- $24 (I will NOT be performing these nights)
October 20, 24, 27, & November 1 & 2 -- $28

Otherwise, tickets are $38 pre-sale & $42 night of event (so those $21 tix are crazy!).