October 19th, 2002


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Well, I didn't get beat up tonight. So yeah, it was a good night. Unfortunately, a lot of other people in my maze DID get punched. One Malice got kicked right in the patella, & EMTs had to come carry her away. People are shits.

But it's 3:30AM, & I've got so much to do before work tomorrow night, I am already freaking. *sigh*
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Because this was asked....

I asked my friend in security last night what the percentage was of drunk people causing problems getting thrown out as opposed to the percentage of sober people causing problems. His answer was quick.

It's somewhere around 70% of people who get kicked out are drunk & causing problems. Around 15% of people sober who are just assholes causing problems (usually gangbanger types), & about 15% of people getting thrown out cause of drug possession. I think that's the breakdown. I know the 70% is right...I have to clarify the rest.

Just an FYI...