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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002

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OK, so here are pictures of me trying out my Halloween costume. I will fill in the white more on my face, I just didn't want to get it in my hair. I will probably crinkle my hair, too. And I will put white on my body, too....and a trickle of blood out of my mouth. But here's the basic idea....and some fun shots that photo editing guru robont did. I don't know if you can see it, but there is glitter all over my eyes.

See pics here.Collapse )

Current Mood: calm

So I had the weirdest experience tonight.

I went to Hollywood to hang out with my friend, Joey. He's got this amazing house overlooking Hollywood. His house almost looks like a treehouse (he's got some BUCKS).

We just hung out for a while, & then I stopped by Mayfair Market on the way home (it's by his house) to get some groceries (I have absolutely nothing to eat here).

Let me describe my appearance, cause it's important to the story (I think).

More story here.Collapse )

Current Mood: surprised
I saw Garry & auditioned for a "comedy troupe" yesterday (well...Monday...technically, it's Wed. already). They are called the Troubadours or something like that. Comedy, as you know, is something I want to do.

The guy who was in charge & auditioning us was running late, so I talked to Garry's assistant, Heather, for a while. She's really cool. I showed her my Haunt bruises. Then Garry came into her office, & took me away to his. He told me he watched my video taped audition for "Tortoise & the Hare," & that I had done "much better" than past auditions. He was proud of me. He said I was really close, but the girl who got it just had a little more. Whatever. He again mentioned his new movie, to be shot in January....mostly here in LA, but 2 weeks in NY. "Raising Helena," I think. It stars Kate Hudson...I think. :-) I should have a small role in it...but will probably will get cut out. Who knows. I offered to work as a "gopher," or anything.

The I auditioned. I auditioned with 2 other girls...the girl who DID get cast as the tortoise over me, & a slightly kooky but nice girl from New York. Read more here.Collapse )

Current Mood: contemplative
I'm bummed I can't go to the "Hidden Hills" interview. It would be cool to be a featured extra, instead of saying, "See that blonde head, that's me!" Oh well. And then I listened to the message, & I *think* it said I was interviewing for the part of a "dull woman." Ummm....I am wondering what about me looks dull? I know my picture that they have on file is of me giving my cheerful smile. *I* don't think I look dull. Maybe it was "doll woman." I have often been told I have a china doll complexion. But I think it was "dull woman." Who knows. Doesn't matter, anyway. I can't do it.

I am a BIT bummed about this trip. I could make money next week, & gee, maybe pay my rent. But nooooooo. I honestly don't know HOW I will pay my rent. And I just got a bill saying my electricity is going to be shut off if I don't pay the bill by the 4th. *sigh* Oh boy. I try not to get down & remain positive....I try not to stress about it because stressing won't make money appear in my hand. But it's tough. I won't get DIDDLE for my trust check this month, cause November is one of 2 bad months....like $100. I don't know what I will do. I cannot be late with rent again this month. I mean, a few days, sure....as late as it was last month, no way.

Haven't heard from Marcus yet. But come on, it hasn't been anywhere close to the standard 3-5 day waiting period...and who knows, he might have lost my ear plug wrapper. :-) It's STILL driving me crazy that I can't remember what I have seen him in.

I am still a bit surprised that I never heard back from J.B. He seemed better than that. I mean, we talked a long time, since early July!!!! We had a nice talk on the phone, & then a nice meeting in person. I sent him an email asking him to let me off the hook, so to speak, if he wasn't interested, just so I wouldn't wonder. Not a peep. Sheesh. It's "easy" to let someone down over email, you don't have to see their face! I expected better. C'est la vie.

I'm supposed to hang out with Jack tonight. I really don't feel like going out. Tomorrow morning I need to go to Central, wait in a long annoying line, just to update my info. And then, it's Haunt time again. My bruises haven't healed yet from last weekend!

Current Mood: worried
I'm bored AND curious....a bad combo.

So....all answers are only viewed by me, unless of course I post them, but names will be removed to protect the innocent. PLEASE be honest, not looking for ego stroking here. We all have our opinions of ourselves, & it's always interesting to hear objective opinions.

To you....

does my life seems fascinating & exciting?
does my life seem like the stressful mess it seems to me?
does my life seem to be a mixture of both of the above?

Do you have a different opinion altogether?

Current Mood: bored & curious
I did this thingy....


And I am gonna add a bunch of people that seem to be popular amongst my other friends, & whom I see all over the place (some I actually used to have on my list, & they removed me, so I removed them...cause you know, that's the way it works). If you see that I have added you & you don't want to add me back, don't sweat it. I'm just testing the waters, checking out "new" people. :-)

Click here if you wanna see the list....not all of whom I am adding right now.Collapse )

Current Mood: calm
robont....dang....you are so insightful. *small smile*

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