October 25th, 2002

real Alice

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I doubt Jack will get a second date. He came through Haunt tonight. Not knowing it was me, he reached out & practically fondled my face, so he's one of those dummies who touches the monsters in mazes. I hate that. That annoyed me. And it immediately jumped me back to our conversation last night, in which he told me, "I am 29 going on 20." Ummmm....are you bragging? If I wanted to date a 20 year old, I would. There IS that 19 year old at Knott's who wants to hook up with me. I want to date a 29 year old who acts 29 or older, or a 30 year old who acts 30, etc. Basically, I want someone (around 30) who acts his age or OLDER. All this "young at heart" bullshit. That does NOT mean remain immature your entire life. When he made that comment to me, I said, "Well, part of being mature is knowing when it's okay to be silly, & when you should act your age." He looks at me in all seriousness & says, "I haven't seen a need to ever act my age, actually. Not yet, anyway." Uh...ok.

Haven't heard from my grocery store friend yet. Tomorrow would be the 3rd day of the "standard 3-5 day waiting period." Then again, like I said, he might have lost the tiny wrapper on which I wrote my number....or just changed his mind.

I dropped about 10 people in my maze tonight. More here.Collapse )
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