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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Saturday, October 26th, 2002

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Met Chris, the fireman, today.

Yeah. Crap.

Liked him. A lot. We hit it off really well. reindeer, you'd be proud of me. I kissed him after lunch. :-) Well, actually, he kissed me, & I kissed back. *grin* We had a nice lunch, & he kept saying how cute & sassy I was. He's a really smart, well-spoken guy....VERY handsome. After we ate, we sat in his big truck. It's pretty high off the ground, so when I went to get out, I told him to come catch me. He lifted me out....& kissed me when I touched the ground. Sweeeeeeeeet! It wasn't anything major....short (but not too short) & sweet. And then he kissed me again later, as I was leaving. I would certainly take that to mean that he likes me, but heck....I just never know. The only potential obstacles I see with this guy is that he lives really far away from me (south Orange County) & I hate to drive, & my life is really complicated. But I definitely liked him. We had some great chemistry, pretty much from the moment he walked up. He was kinda sleepy, cause he fought a fire at 3AM! :-) He can bring his hose over here Heh-heh...

I got slapped HARD tonight at Haunt. More story here.Collapse )

Current Mood: sleepy
Yup. The bills are piling up. I would probably need around $1000 JUST to get caught up on overdue bills, & that does not include rent that's due on the 1st. I honestly don't know how I am paying rent this month, much less catching up on all those bills. I need a miracle. No kidding.

Marcus, the grocery store guy, called me today. He left a voice mail, but didn't leave his number. He said, "Hi, this is Marcus, we met in the grocery store, I'm that actor you recognized, we thought we went to high school together, or something." Heh-heh. He said he wanted to see what I was doing this weekend, & he'd try back. If he had left his number, I could have called him back. It's going to be VERY hard for him to get in touch with me this weekend, & I leave on Monday morning for my trip.

Haven't heard anything from Chris yet, but hey, that's normal. Guys don't like to appear too anxious, too desperate, too interested too soon. I was talking to my dad about that, & he said, "Not me...if I find a woman worth having in my life, I snatch her up fast." I wish all men felt that way. Where's the harm in being honest & expressing interest in getting to know someone? You aren't saying, "Hey, let's go pick out a china pattern for our wedding," you are saying, "Hey, I liked what I saw on the first date...let's get to know each other better, cause I'd like that a lot." Sheesh.

OK...I have ONE hour to pack everything for my trip. I don't even know what to take, cause I have never been on a cruise in "cold" weather. And I don't have any winter formals. Crap. I don't have many "nice" winter clothes at all.

Current Mood: frazzled

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