October 28th, 2002

real Alice

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Well, I am leaving for my Halloween cruise in about 45 minutes.

Half of me is excited & knows I need the mental vacation, & the other half of me is irritated at the timing of this cruise. Could have worked "Hidden Hills" on Wednesday. Could have auditioned for "Snow Queen" at Garry Marshall's theatre on Wed. Could have made money almost every night this week. I am broke & won't be able to pay my rent when I get back. Just baaaaad timing. PLUS...chappell isn't going! *hmph*

Anyway, I will probably be off LJ until around MAYBE Friday, or Saturday, probably definitely Sunday. I *might* get online once on the ship, but I doubt it. It's not that long of a cruise, & I have no money for internet. :-)

So take care everyone, & I will "talk to you" when I return. If there's anything exciting you want to share with me, please point me to the link in your journal when I return. There's simply no way I could catch up with everyone. :-)

*hugs* Be well.
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