November 9th, 2002

real Alice

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Poll #74224 Cheese vs. chocolate

Which would you prefer, cheese or chocolate?

Cheese....gimme that yummy stuff!
Chocolate.....hello? Like there's any comparision!
Depends on my mood.
I'll take both, thanks. (greedy!)
real Alice

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I just learned a good friend has been majorly holding back on me. Not appreciated. Not at all. I am steaming a bit right now, & then second guessing myself as to whether or not I have a *right* to be upset. I think I do. I thought we could & did tell each other everything. But this discovery DOES explain a lot. Don't read too much into this. There were just some things said in the past, that didn't hold true later....part of which CAN be chalked up to being human. Some things were kept from me that AREN'T major, but I still thought I was an important enough part of this person's life to be informed. Eh, I'm just babbling. I'll get over it. I have to remember that some people aren't as open as I am.
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real Alice

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A recent conversation between my honey & me:

M: I had a dream about you last night.
ME: What did you dream?
M: You aren't supposed to tell your dreams, cause then they don't come true.
ME: Was it about us?
M: Yes.
ME: Was it a good dream?
M: Yes.
ME: Did you dream we got married?
*frustrated groan*
M: Noooooo, stop, I'm not telling!!!

Heh-heh....we have major ESPN going on.
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Doggone it.

I just had yummy, garlicky hummus with pita.....but now I need something really sweet. And I have no such thing around.

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Anyone out there really good at building websites?

I need to enlist someone's help to help me build a really outstanding website. I am computer illiterate & am appealing to those more knowledgable than I. I had someone to help me, but he's gotten really busy.

Unfortunately, I have nothing to offer you in exchange, other than my undying gratitude. I can pay you nothing.

Email me if you are interested & able to help me. This is going to be something really major, & it might be a fun ride for the "webmaster" of it, too. I will give you the details if you are seriously interested.

Thanks. :-)
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