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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Monday, November 11th, 2002

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Apparently, I spoke too soon.

Woke up feeling awful again today. My fever is back up.

So here's my question.....I have a fever of around 100. As you know, headache accompanies fever. Should I grin & bear this headache & leave the fever alone to fight my illness (fever is your body's way of fighting)? Or take some Tylenol & cold medicine to bring the fever down, & take the headache away?

Current Mood: curious
Was just watching a fairly old episode of "Survivor," in which Ghandia got voted off.

Was surprised to see Jeff Probst get a little testing during tribal council. He saw the vote & said, "Well, for the first time, I have a vote, & I have no idea who it is. Who wrote 'bye-bye Denver diva?" Clay said it was him (so much for anonymous voting, & that's what he gets, I guess), & said he meant Ghandia. Jeff said, "In the future, write a name down, enough with the nicknames."

Meoooow. *giggle*

Current Mood: amused
WHY am I eating during "Fear Factor?????"

Current Mood: disgusted
"Frasier"...a very special episode. It annoys me when sitcoms do drama. If I wanted to watch drama, I would watch a drama. I watch sitcoms for laughs, not tears. *grrr*

Current Mood: annoyed
"Fear Factor." I do enjoy this show. Can't explain why.

But I am curious. What does eating DISGUSTING things have to do with fear? I wouldn't call a distaste for disgusting things a "fear." I would call it normal. A fear is something that not everyone has....like a fear of spiders, or roaches, or water, or heights, or clowns, etc. And actual fear. Eating live slugs, drinking cow bile, eating buffalo testicles, pig anuses, that has nothing to do with fear. It's just disgusting. And the fact that anyone thinks $50K is worth THAT....they are NUTS.

I am broke & desperate for money...and I STILL wouldn't do it. For one thing, you could eat/drink these disgusting things...and STILL not win in the end.


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