November 14th, 2002


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Another medical post...if you are tired of my illnesses, move on. You've been warned.

Now I have fairly severe pain on the left side of my throat. It's not "sore throat"'s like real pain....mainly every time I swallow. Just on the left side...and it just started tonight. Coincidentally, or not, there is also a lump on the left side of my face, by my ear. It's painful to the touch...well, tender, rather. Kinda like one of those painful underground zits, only it's not a zit. This is a little weird for me. Majorly fucked up left eye (resembling pink eye, but might not be) causing serious pain & discomfort & looking like sheer hell, now a lump on the left side of my face, & severe pain on the left side of my throat. Everything is on the left. Coincidence? I wouldn't even begin to know what to tell my doc, if I should see my regular doc or some sort of specialist, how would I pay for it, & how would I pay for the tests he/she would SURELY order? This is CRAZY!

Due to whatever is happening in my throat, I THINK I am losing my voice. It's been strained, anyway, & I talked to a friend of mine who is a doc, & he said with this kind of virus, it's VERY common to lose your voice at the end of it. Great. I make a living (however paltry right now) with my voice. If I have no voice, I cannot work. Like I can afford to lose any money. I can rest my voice & not talk today (Thur.) & Friday...but I'm supposed to perform at work on Saturday. I *might* could get out of that, but I'd feel bad about it.

I'm an actress/singer. Looks count. A voice is 100% a must have. I am losing my voice & my appearance---due to this eye---looks like hell. The right eye is starting to look red, but that could be strain. The sunlight today & even the monitor glare are TOTALLY irritating my eyes.

I could get a free flu shot this Friday at work...but you can't get it if you are sick.

Next Wed. & Thurs. are REALLY important singing rehearsals at work. Then Friday, I am going to AZ to see my honey. The next weekend, I will be around all my family. The following weekend, I am having my b'day party.

The timing of this freaky illness shit is unbelievable. All this crap, period, sucks beyond my comprehension to describe it.

I am taking care of myself. Lots of sleep. Trying not to worry about unpaid bills. Eating pretty well....drinking fluids. I am at a loss. I honestly think I should be shot like a lame horse....put me out of my misery.
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So it's done....

PENSACOLA, Fla. (Nov. 14) -- Two teen-age brothers pleaded guilty Thursday to killing their father with a baseball bat, ending an unusual case in which prosecutors used contradictory theories in trying both the boys and a family friend.

Derek King, 14, and Alex King, 13, both admitted to third-degree murder and arson after court-ordered mediation. Derek was sentenced to eight years in prison and his brother received seven years.

Both boys entered their pleas in clear, strong voices and told the judge they understood what they were doing. Their mother had made a last-ditch plea to the court, saying the boys should have a mental examination because they lacked the competency to make decisions in the case.

The case had drawn widespread attention in part because prosecutors presented evidence at one trial that the family friend, Ricky Chavis, a convicted child molester, was the killer and in a second trial argued that the boys did it. Chavis was acquitted, but the boys were convicted.

Circuit Judge Frank Bell took the unusual step of ordering mediation in an effort to settle the case after throwing out the second-degree murder convictions against the boys.

Mediator Bill Eddins presented the agreement to Bell after a final negotiating session Wednesday with the prosecutor and defense lawyers.
8 years....7 years....for taking their father's life. Disgusting.
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I finally figured out (without seeing the credits, thank you) who this cute new guy is on "Dawson's Creek."

Oliver Hudson. Kate Hudson's brother, Goldie Hawn's son. He had his own show last season, didn't do well.

He's a damn fine actor...and just...damn fine.

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I put my silver claddagh ring on tonight. I am wearing it on my right hand, heart turned inwards. :-)

And yes....I am part Irish (surprising, giving the no drinking thing, I know....I shame my ancestors!)!

A little history:
"By tradition the ring is taken to signify the wish that Love and friendship should reign supreme. The hands signify friendship, the crown loyalty, and the heart love. The ring has become popular outside Connemara since the middle of the last century - its spread being helped by the vast exodus from the West during the great Famine in 1847-49. These rings were kept as heirlooms with great pride and passed from mother to daughter. Today, the ring is worn extensively across Ireland, either on the right hand with the heart turned outwards showing that the wearer is "fancy free" or with the heart turned inwards to denote that he or she is "spoken for". The pride of place is on the left hand, with the heart turned in, indicating that the wearer is happily married and the love and friendship will last forever, the two never separated.
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Great. Just friggin' great.

"Do not use sulfacetamide ophthalmic if you have a viral or fungal infection in your eye. It is used to treat infections caused by bacteria only."

And I suspect strongly that MY infection is viral. And I am using sulfacetamide ophthalmic. *sigh* Shouldn't my doctor have assumed it was a viral infection, since he diagnosed me with an overall virus? If these drops are dangerous if you DON'T have a bacterial infection, shouldn't he have seen me before prescribing them? Lordy.

I am going to the ER tomorrow, I guess. Cause they will bill me, not expect payment upfront (unless they turn me away cause I owe them for the time Fahrenheit busted my lip). I am still running a fever, my throat is very tight, still have that lump on the left side of my face, still don't feel great. I guess it's time. Maybe they will run some tests. Yeah...some tests I can't pay for. Either that, or they will make me feel really silly by telling me, "Your doctor was right, you just have a viral infection in your body & your eye, & there's nothing you can do to treat either...take some Advil. Thanks for coming in to the tune of a couple hundred dollars for nothing." Ay-carumba.

I couldn't get out of it if I tried. Allie won't let me & neither will Mike. They will both kick my butt if I don't go. And I guess it's better knowing either way....either yes you have something serious, thank goodness you came in....or no, this isn't serious, go home.

I wish Mike were already here. I don't look forward to sitting in the ER for 6 hour+ by myself. I guess I will just take a lot of magazines & a crossword puzzle book. All my friends either work or live in OC & I wouldn't ask them to drive up here.

Maybe I will wake up tomorrow feeling much better.

Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Cause that's JUST the way my luck has been going.
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Ummmm....I'm not getting email responses sent to my email box.

So....if I don't respond to something, it's probably because I am simply unaware that you responded. I am trying to check my posts to see if there are responses I haven't seen, but I can't check everyone else's journals, or catch everything.

Just an FYI.