November 15th, 2002

real Alice

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I am blatantly stealing this from catherine (she gave me permission, so kiss it!). I find it hard to believe that everyone on my friends list reads my journal, so I am offering this little quiz. It might show the vote bar, but your answer can only be seen by me. Don't be shy now.

Do you read my LJ???

Yes, I catch up on your entries through my friends page.
Yes, I have your LJ bookmarked and go to it to catch up.
No, I used to but lately I find that we don't have much in common, but didn't want to hurt your feelings & remove you.
No, not anymore, but I haven't gotten around to taking you off of my friends list (although if this is your choice, you are probably not reading my journal to see this quiz, huh?).
I try to & enjoy doing so, but I don't have much time for LJ lately.
I'm a lurker. I read & enjoy your LJ but never comment.


#s 3 & 4 will probably get you removed from my friends list, but no hard feelings (& isn't that what you want if you pick those, anyway?). If you want to go, or have well.
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real Alice

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As if anyone really cares:

Cheese or chocolate:

Cheese....gimme that yummy stuff!
7 (20.0%)

Chocolate.....hello? Like there's any comparision!
9 (25.7%)

Depends on my mood.
8 (22.9%)

I'll take both, thanks. (greedy!)
11 (31.4%)

Can't believe chocolate beat cheese...what's WRONG with you people???

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Paul Rubens---aka Pee Wee Herman---in trouble again. You people (people into child porn or hey, into kids!) are SICK, SICK, SICK! What is his friggin' problem? Don't give me some bleeding heart crap like "he's got a mental problem, give him a break." No breaks here. There's therapy for everything. If you are into kids, sexually, you KNOW that's wrong...get yourself into therapy.

And the "Ferris Bueller" dude....*shaking head*

SICK! SICK, I tell you!

More rant here.Collapse )
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real Alice

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OK...that was odd. I posted....and the post showed up BEFORE a previous one. Odd. And still not getting response. LJ is freaking out (still love it & appreciate it, though, so hush!).
real Alice

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Crap. I just realized something.

Look away. This is a kinda sick thought. Stop reading here. All right, don't say I didn't warn you.

Next weekend, I am seeing my boyfriend. Naturally, we are going to make love. I just started these antibiotics, & these are strong ones, too. Antibiotics ALWAYS give me a yeast infection (not to mention, the make the Pill nearly useless). DAMN!
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