November 22nd, 2002

real Alice

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My eye was throbbing today...and then my GOOD eye (the one without the pinkeye) started having severe spasms tonight....I couldn't control them & they were awful! Weird! WTF is going on with my body?

All this time on the net....I am SHOCKED & APPALLED by how many people there are who CAN'T spell. I honestly don't blame the person....I blame the education system. This is a horrible epidemic! I simply can't believe it. I just started IMing with a new girl from work, & her spelling skills are awful! She spells "right" as "rite," & it's not just an abbreviation. *sigh* People should NOT get passed to the next grade if they are poor spellers.

Just found out tonight that a friend of mine basically induced an abortion. She did the morning after pill thing, but a more powerful she made herself have a miscarriage. I was completely STUNNED to find out, because she is a Christian & has ALWAYS preached against abortions, saying it was "murder" & a major sin, etc. I NEVER thought she'd do this. But her boyfriend can't even afford to buy her an engagement could they afford a child? Wow...still just such a shock....I am very proud of her, though, for having the guts to do that. That baby wouldn't have had a good life...the timing couldn't be worse for them. He's searching for a job...she's in school...they are both broke...etc. And she's handling it better than I thought she would, too. I firmly believe it's worse to bring a child into the world that you cannot provide properly for than to induce a miscarriage. They will make AWESOME parents when the time is right...but the time is DEFINITELY not right for them. And yes, they were foolish to rely on condoms "sometimes" & the "very reliable" pull out method the rest of the time. DUH! They have learned their lesson now, & will probably use condoms AND the Pill.

I just read about a mother in New Jersey (I think) who smothered her 5 & 1 year old daughters to death...and then called 911. The lady can post bail with a $500 bond. $500???? For killing her babies? $500???? WTF???? Am I just reading this wrong?

"WOODBRIDGE, N.J. (AP) - A woman smothered her two young daughters with a pillow, then called 911 to report them dead, police said.

Olga Lorena Valdez, 28, was charged with murder in the deaths of Loiana, 5, and Larilis, 1.

Officers found both girls lying on a bed, unresponsive, when they arrived at the home early Wednesday. The children were pronounced dead at a hospital an hour later.

Authorities said they believe the children were killed just before their mother called police.

The girls' father, Edward Valdez, was also questioned but not charged.

Valdez was arraigned Wednesday and was being held on $500 bond."
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