December 5th, 2002

real Alice

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In the past, I have done posts where I have said if I don't detect some interest, even lurking, in my journal, that I was going to remove some people. Only then do I remove people....and in that case, I am sure they don't care...they didn't read my journal anyway. I usually remove people after they remove me. Or on the rare occasion...if they really piss me off, but even then, I make it pretty clear that it's gonna happen.

I respect those who email me & say, "Ya know, I don't think we have much in common, so I'm gonna remove you...good luck, no hard feelings."

I do NOT respect people who remove me without a word. I keep these people on my list because I continue caring about them....and then I do a friends list comparison & realize they took off. I cannot possibly know by "didn't you notice he/she wasn't responding anymore," because people go through phases where they don't respond. I just hate surprises like this. If you are on my friends list, & ever decide to remove me (certainly your choice), then please have the decency to email me & let me know. I think it's just rude otherwise, & that includes myself if I have done so in the past. Just because you have decided you don't like someone or have nothing in common, doesn't mean you can't have the decency to let them know what's up.

Sheesh. 5 people on my friends list bailed...I have no idea when, & no idea why. That bugs. Best of luck to ya know who you are (but you probably aren't reading this, anyway, LOL).
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OK....if you are coming to my birthday party (I think only two of you are!), here are the details!!!!

(I know it's kinda out of the way for some of you....heck, it's REALLY far from me....but just think of how much fun you shall have!!!!)

Fountain Valley Skating Center
9105 Recreation Circle
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Look it up on Mapquest ( .... Yahoo maps suck!).

The party starts at 8PM, & you really should try to be there when it starts. It goes til 10:30PM, & we shall imbibe in cake, ice cream, & soda around 9PM. Admission is $9, & that includes the session, your skates, the ice cream, & the soda (I am providing the cake....hope ya like yellow cake!). If you are still hungry, you can order pizzas at the concession stand. :-)

The phone number for the rink if you get lost: 714-847-6300

If you want my cell phone number (but once I am there & skating, probably won't have it on me), email me.

I think that's it...need more details, email me!

Hope to see you there, it's gonna be a blast!
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