January 7th, 2003

real Alice

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My friend erinbir's cat, Max, died on Saturday. He was 15, & had liver problems, but he was on medication & not expected to die (although most cats don't live past 15, I don't think). Erin had had him in her life for those 15 years, & he was her mother's soulmate...slept next to her with his paws on her pillow, understood everything she said to him, etc....much like Duncan is with me (I have always said that Duncan was my soulmate...he's very human).

Erin called in personal to work on Sunday, cause she & her mother had been up all night crying, & the last thing she felt like doing was going to Knott's & being perky. I totally understood, cause if Duncan died, I would have to sequester myself for a week, I'd be so distraught. I felt so badly for her & her mom, especially, cause I know how I'd feel if it were my kitties.

The other girls at work wanted to know why Erin called in, & I told them. One of them said, "That's sad, but it's kinda funny, too. I mean....it's just a cat."

Another girl agreed with her. They said they didn't understand, they are just animals, just pets. They aren't humans. How could you be so upset over a pet's death as to miss work?

I was angered over their comments. They are not animal lovers. One of them said, "Hey, I like cats." But she's not an animal LOVER. It's different. Unless you are a lover of animals, you will never understand the love we feel for our pets. When I had to put my rats to sleep, I cried at the vet, I cried all the way home after I left them there. I have frequently made the remark that I like animals better than humans. Think about it...our pets adore us, love us unconditionally, cheer us up when we are down (Ernie circles me meowing when I am crying), & just want to love us & cuddle with us. Humans can be nasty, vindictive, back-stabbing, murder each other, rob each other, rape each other, are power mad, mean to each other, start wars. Granted, dogs can be vicious, but I firmly believe that's when they have crappy owners. I have never known cats to be vicious unless they are rabid or wild. But I am talking about domesticated animals. All they want to do is love you.

They are not "just animals." They are family. I live alone. Duncan & Ernie ARE my family. They are my companions. Duncan is my soulmate, he understands me. I know those of you who aren't animal lovers read that & are thinking, "She thinks an animal is her soulmate? How pathetic!" The love between me & these cats is anything but pathetic. Even with Toby....I just adored him...enough to put him in a much better situation, in fact. I just love animals so much, I can barely stand it. When I hear about people abusing animals, it truly breaks my heart. I cannot imagine ever beating or kicking or starving a pet. It should be more than a misdemeanor when it's done.

It's been proven that elderly people who live alone thrive when they have an animal companion. Sick patients in hospitals have been known to improve when animals are brought in to visit them. Adorable, sweet, furry creatures make lots of people very happy.

They don't understand how we can get so sad about our pets dying....*I* don't understand how they live their lives without the love of a pet.
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