January 9th, 2003

real Alice

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What a little mini adventure I had last night.

I had to go to my landlord's to drop off my rent check (that might bounce....ooops). I decided I would also run by Popeye's to get some dinner (I got gift certificates for Xmas...my friends know I love that place...yummy popcorn shrimp basket!). I knew I shouldn't be leaving the house in my "condition." What WAS my condition? Dirty, filthy, disgusting hair. I haven't washed my hair since the weekend. No, I don't normally go that long, I normally wash my hair every other day (it's not healthy to wash long hair every day). But this week I have been working really hard on getting my living room cleaned up...don't believe me, ask chappell, he's seen the pictures. Washing my hair takes a looooong time, since there's so much of it. I've been showering every day (as hard as I've been working, I would have to!), just not washing my hair. So, by now, it's really gross. I just piled it on my head & clipped it...but it still looks really greasy. But I expected to only be seen by the Popeye's people. I was also wearing some really old sweat pants, & big t-shirt & no bra...yep, the boobicles were flopping all over the place.

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