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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Friday, January 10th, 2003

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I feel so proud of myself today. Anyone who knows me closely will understand why. I am the ULTIMATE slob. I am a true bachelorette, so I don't care too much about keeping my place clean...until it reaches a point where I just get disgusted with myself. No, there isn't old food & dirty plates staked up. I am messy, not dirty. I just don't put things away. I come in the house & dump everything on the floor or couch, & just leave it there....& it starts to pile up. The dreaded "area behind the couch/dining room" hadn't been cleaned/straightened/organized in the 3 years I have lived here. My friends wondered if there was floor under there.

More boring stuff today.Collapse )

Current Mood: accomplished
I enjoyed "Unbreakable" immensely, but I am a bit confused by it.

Don't read on if you haven't seen it, cause this might spoil it.

I get that Bruce Willis' character was special...that he had these special abilities. But WHY? Why isn't it ever explained how he got these abilities? Why did Elijah (Samuel Jackson's character) turn "evil" just to find Bruce (I can't remember his character's name at the moment)? What was his point? Why did he need to find him so badly that he killed innocent people? I know he said, at the end, that since he found Bruce, he now knows who he is, but what does that mean, exactly? I just don't get the ending. I might be trying to be too logical again.

"Signs" was great, though....

Current Mood: confused
One of my friends mentioned the other day that there has been talk about the draft being reinstated.

Whether that's true or just a nasty rumor, it did make me think.

First of all, there are so many testosterone filled men in the US, why would we have to draft people? It seems like there are plenty of people in the military now, & more joining every day.

Secondly, HOW does the draft work? I commented that I wouldn't get drafted because I am female, & they said that wasn't true. Whether you are male or female, how can they MAKE you battle in war if you don't want to? No one can make me kill another human being. I wouldn't kill, even for my country. I am most grateful that there are people who WILL, but I wouldn't. I don't even like guns. So how could they put someone on the front lines who is opposed to killing, or wouldn't do so (male or female)? Even if they made drafted women be nurses or things like that, how could they do THAT? I hate the sight of blood, & wouldn't go through the schooling required.

Naturally, I would never "dodge the draft," but I honestly don't understand how it would work.

Again, I am not really looking for anyone to verify or deny this rumor....how would a draft work?? Who gets drafted first, second, etc. (for instance, I heard single men first, then married men without kids, then married men with kids, etc.)? And HOW can the gov't make non-violent people into killing machines?

Current Mood: contemplative

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