January 13th, 2003


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Do you hear that sound? It's a gurgling sound. That would be the sound of my blood boiling.

I just got off the phone with the DMV. I applied for my new driver's license back on Nov. 21st. They sent me a letter saying that my social security number didn't match my name. I have been licensed to drive in California since at LEAST 1990. When I received the letter, I called the Social Security Administration, & they verified I was who I said I was, & they commented that this is happening a lot from CA. I called the DMV & the rep told me to mail a letter explaining what happened to the DMV, & include a copy of my SS card. I did that weeks ago. It's now the 13th, my interim DL expires on Sunday (19th). I called the DMV just now, & was told that it can take 60 days to process a letter in the mail (remember, this is what I was TOLD to do by a DMV rep). If I am pulled over after the interim expires, I will get a ticket (I am not terribly worried about getting pulled over, since I don't break traffic laws, but what if someone hits me??? And the airlines made me show my interim DL since mine had expired.). She advised I make an appointment to bring my SS card into the DMV, & they can issue me another interim license. But guess what? The earliest appointment they have is the 23rd....4 days after my DL expires. It's illegal to drive with an expired license...and we know how I feel about breaking the law. I refuse to go down to the DMV without an appointment & spend 2 hours in line to remedy THEIR mistake. This lady on the phone was pissing me off. I said, "I am sure you can understand me not wanting to spend 2 hours in line on my day off." Her response, "Sure, whatever your priorities are, m'am." I said, "My priorities are for the DMV to get things right!" She said, "We will, eventually." Eventually you can suck my ass, bitch. I said, "Yes, at my inconvenience." I wanted to reach through the phone & strangle her sarcastic little neck. I had to take many deep, calming breaths when I got off the phone.

I'd write a letter to someone complaining about this shitty service & treatment (for one thing, it shouldn't take 60 days to process ANYTHING...and the mistake shouldn't have happened in the FIRST PLACE), but I don't know who I'd write to...and no one would care, anyway.
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LONDON (Jan. 13) - Rock star Pete Townshend of The Who was arrested by anti-pedophile officers Monday on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children, police said.

Scotland Yard police headquarters announced that a 57-year-old man was being held in custody on suspicion of making and possessing indecent images of children and of incitement to distribute them. A police spokesman confirmed privately that the suspect was Townshend.

The rock guitarist, who said Saturday he had looked at child pornography on the Internet while researching a book, has not been charged with a crime. Under British law, suspects are not charged immediately upon arrest, and some people who are arrested are eventually released without charge.

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