January 22nd, 2003

real Alice

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At first, I got "100% Virgin," which I thought was a bit odd....so here's what *I* think I am. *wink*

half virgin half whore

You Are 1/2 Virgin, 1/2 Whore!

50-50, baby! Ah, you are fairly normal. You have sex, though to you it's not more exciting than a new designer outfit.

Secretly, you are a adventurous soul just waiting for someone to take control. Open up a little, and you'll show your guy the best sex ever.

There's nothing to be afraid of - except fainting from multiple orgasms!

You are great at kissing, getting yourself off, and using your hands.

What Do Girls Whisper Behind Your Back? Virgin or Whore Quiz Tells All!

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real Alice

(no subject)

I just did a loooong update, but made it "friends only." If there's anyone out there who's not on my friends list & is just DYING to know what's been going on with me...let me know. (Don't worry, I won't be holding my breath. *grin*)