January 23rd, 2003

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Okey dokey....no more lovastatin for me. I am, apparently, allergic to it. My arms itch horribly. I couldn't fall asleep last night, due to a TERRIBLE headache & the fact that my arm itched so badly, I couldn't stop scratching it! Today I noticed that I scratched my forearm so hard that I broke some capillaries. Ooops. I am still really, really itchy, & I haven't taken one since yesterday morning. I am going to stop taking it, & see if the itching goes away....then I will know it's the lovastatin & call my doc & see if there's something else I can take. The little info sheet for lovastatin says that "an allergic reaction to this drug is unlikely"....well, that pretty much sums up MY life....UNLIKELY!!!! *grin*
real Alice

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Feeling accomplished again today. Dropped my "Sopranos" DVD by Blockbuster. Headed over to my joyous DMV appointment. I only waited about 30 minutes or so, which is confusing cause the girl behind me was going on one hour+, & she was there way before me (& she had an appointment...at least she was sitting on the appointment side). I had to search the neighborhood to find a parking spot, since the lots were all full, & walked quite a ways to the DMV. I signed in 10 minutes early. They called me around 11:15-11:20 or so, & it took me all of 5 minutes at the counter. He said it was already in process (them changing my SS# to the correct one), & I should be getting my license in the next 2-3 weeks...and he issued me a new temp. license that is good til April! I would certainly hope I get my new one by then! Sheesh! So that was a fairly painless experience. I have to go back to the DMV soon, though. Joy. People who allow their children to run around the DMV like it's a playground should be shot.

Next I went by Target & got a container for all this perfume I am going to be selling. Like I said last night, there is a huge pile of it on my living room floor. I have to have somewhere to keep it until I see if I can get in Guinness, & until I can sell it. There's some really nice, expensive perfumes, barely used. I am going to try to sell them on ebay & Yahoo auctions, I guess. I got some Easy Mac & Cheese, & 3 big Rubbermaid containers, & a thing of meringue bites (yum).

Then I went to the Blockbuster in Sun Valley to turn in my "Sex & the City" DVD (I have tons of Blockbuster gift cards from Xmas & b'day, people....I have not won the lottery) & get everything straightened out. The Season 3, Vol. 2 DVD case had the Vol. 1 DVD in it....that bummed me out. I had to watch them out of order, so I missed 6 episodes & have no idea what happened, other than them alluding to things I missed. Why can't people be more careful when putting DVDs back in the cases? It's not rocket science. You take a DVD out, put it in the player, & when that one's done, you put it back in the correct case. Wow....tough. Next, I went to the NoHo Blockbuster & dropped off 2 more DVDs, & got some stuff at the 99 cent store.

Then I went by the grocery store & dumped in all this change I found in my storage unit....I got $28 dollars, so I got some chicken & macaroni salad, & kept the rest. $28 bucks in change in storage, that I didn't even know I had. I have a TON of change at my house, too, that I am going to take to Coinstar soon. TONS of dimes, LOTS of quarters, & plenty of nickels, too. Lots of pennies, too, but that doesn't amount to too much.

Now I have the rest of the day to clean/organize my living room & kitchen. I have to toss all those perfumes in the container, & straighten things. I need to vacuum, too. I really hope to find time to go through my closets & get rid of clothes & shoes I don't think I will ever wear, since I told my friends they could go through it on Sat. night.

Hmmmm....now I am wondering about the Lovastatin. I took it with Centrum, & Centrum has niacin in it....& the Lovastatin says it's not good to take it with niacin. Maybe that is causing the allergic reaction? I need the multi-vitamin, though, cause I am losing all this weight & not eating as much. I don't get a lot of vitamins.
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Have I ever mentioned how I HATE driving? I HATE driving. With a passion. I also get "highway hypnosis" after driving about 45 minutes to an hour, especially if I am alone.

I told my father that I wanted to come see him in Charlotte (NC) while there is snow on the ground. It's been SOOO long since I have seen snow. Soooo long. And I LOVE snow. I even say that it snowed the day my mother was buried cause she told God to make it snow for me, cause she knew I loved snow. :-) Dad said that the snow should stay around for a while up in the mountains, unless they have some sort of fluke heat wave in the next few weeks (it's supposed to be 30 below tonight!). And I mentioned how I wanted to visit my grandmother in Greenville (AL).

Well, Dad called with a plan today. He'd fly me to Charlotte, & I'd spend Thursday night there, & Friday, we'd head into the mountains, & stay there until Sunday night (I LOVE hiking to the waterfalls there, & the snow will be soooo gorgeous...I only pray it's still there!!!!). Then, Monday morning, I will DRIVE my dad's car to Greenville! ACK! He says, "It's ONLY a 7 hour drive." Gee, is that it? In an unfamiliar, huge SUV, no less? 7 hours???? I am not sure I can do that. Alone? No one to keep me awake & keep me company? The longest I have ever driven was around 12 hours, when my mom & I drove out from AL to CA, but that wasn't 12 hours straight, & I had her to help keep me awake. I'd spend Mon-Thur. in Greenville, & then drive 7 more hours back to Charlotte, to fly back to CA on Friday. *gulp*

Anyone in the NC area wanna take a free trip to AL??? You must be jobless or have vacation time, since it will be Mon-Fri. *wink*