February 11th, 2003


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Yeah, so, I got my "bone" thrown to me.

Mali Finn, the (famous) casting director, called me today to offer me a (dinky) role in the new Kate Hudson flick, "Raising Helen." Hey, a role is a role, struggling actors can't be choosers. I am grateful for anything. I am playing the "school nurse." I assume I will have lines because I am being paid "scale" day player rate ($655). I doubt I have a line in the script. I imagine that Garry will pull a line out of his ass for me to say, probably something that won't end up in the final cut. However, Garry is really good about putting my name in the closing credits, even if my line is cut. So yay.

Do I look old enough to play a school nurse? I don't think so. And aren't they usually frumpy? Oh well. I get $655 for very little work, my own wittle trailer, & get to go through hair & make-up. Wooo-hooo! I shoot the 25th. Do you want to touch me??? *wink*

Andrea & I are going the 23rd to the firestation. Ryan is introducing me to some SINGLE hottie firemen. That warrants another "woooo-hoooo!" Alice loves her some firemen. Ryan said the firemen at his station look like actors, they are so handsome. Yay for me & Andrea! We will bake them some brownies or cupcakes or something. I can't wait.

Lots of exciting things to look forward to when I return from my trip to the South. Bowling with friends on the 22nd, meeting hottie firemen on the 23rd, shooting a movie on the 25th, & LASIK on the 28th!!! Wow!!! Exciting stuff!!!!! :-)
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real Alice

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I did something freakish to my mouth & throat today. I have no clue what I did. I don't mean to be disgusting, but....I have been kinda mucusy lately, so I was trying to "hock a loogie" in the sink. I apparently either pulled a muscle in my throat or my tongue or both. When I move my tongue or lips (like to purse them), it hurts pretty badly. It hurts to swallow. It hurts to rub a certain spot on my throat. It feels like it's to the back of the left side of my tongue, near my throat. I cannot imagine what I possibly did, but it sure is weird...and painful. :-(
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