February 15th, 2003

real Alice

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Just a quick update, because my dad's computer is as slow as molasses.

Indeed, I was very ill. My made my dad drag me to a town doctor on Friday, & I had pneumonia. Don't ask me how I got it, cause I always thought you got pneumonia when you have something else---such as bronchitis---& unchecked, it goes into pneumonia. Apparently not.

After waking up on Thursday with 103 fever, I went about my travel day, passing out on the planes. My dad drove us straight up to the mountains, & I still have 101 that night (after taking many medications). When I awoke on Valentine's Day, my temp was STILL 101, AFTER 4 aspirin. That is when I decided it was time to go to the doctor, as much as I hated doing that to my dad. But I am supposed to go see my elderly grandparents on Monday, & they don't need these germs....not to mention the fact that I could have easily passed out with that high of a temp during the 7 hour drive!!!

The doctor said she could feel my body heat from across the room. I have tons of fluid in my ears & in my lungs (& it was some NASTY flavored stuff!), & my throat was "blood-red."
I have coughed so violently that I have wrecked my vocal cords. I am now speaking in a lovely husky Stevie Nicks voice. My throat KILLS from coughing so much. Nasty, fluid-y cough. Painful, body wracking cough. My chest was sore...there is a strange lymph node or something at the base of my spine...my lungs ache like crazy...etc., etc. It's been loads of fun. Just to add to the excitement, I also had a UTI (I think I have had that for a few weeks now) & got a visit from my "Aunt Flo" on Thursday.

The good news is that the doctor gave me some miracle antibiotic that works really well & fast. I am still fairly miserable today, but sooooooo much better than the near-death feeling I had yesterday.

$75 for the doctor & $85 for the meds (the "miracle" drug was over $10 a pill)....dad paid for all that. He says it was my Valentine's gift. Some day. I felt HORRIBLE that he pays to fly me here to spend some time with him, & I cost him over $150 in medical bills, & spend a good deal of time here in bed, moaning & groaning (fever makes me miserable, & I am doing everything I can to not cough, since it hurts like hell to do so). I feel horrible about that. But as if I have control over it? As [Unknown LJ tag] said, I need my own wing at the hospital.

A bright point....I hoped & prayed to see snow on this trip. There was still some on the ground when we got up there, but despite weather reports to the contrary, it snowed a freakin' blizzard while we were out walking around (we walked next door to check on his brother's house). WE sat on the porch swing in the snow. Probably not the best thing for my health, but it was so gorgeous. I LOVE the beauty of fresh snow, & I have not seen it snow since the day we buried my mom. It was gorgeous.
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