March 6th, 2003

real Alice

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Sometimes I make such foolish decisions, I shock even myself.

Yesterday, I had that nasty stomach virus that is going around. They say it's a strain of that Norwalk Virus that's going around the cruise ships. It's supposed to last 1-2 days. Today, I have still felt a bit ill, but soooo much better than yesterday, when I felt I was going to die.

So, I am feeling better, I have my appetite back. So what do I do?

I eat a greasy In-&-Out burger & fries. *sigh*

It isn't awful...but I can't say it was a wise decision. My stomach is a bit crampy, but not too bad. DUH! WHAT was I thinking? I guess I just wasn't thinking. It just sounded good. Well, frequently I pay for my mistakes. I am doing that right now.

On the good news front....gee, not eating at all yesterday dropped me 2 more pounds. I weighed 120 this morning. I am quite sure I will put those pounds back on very quickly...maybe even after that burger! I DREAM of getting down to at LEAST 115...but even at 110, I would still be 120 on camera. *sigh* was SOOO exciting. Today, I tried to see how loose my fave old pair of Gap jeans were....I pulled them off without undoing them!

And even more exciting....I went back to wearing a D bra today....down from a DD (or technically a DDD). Wooo-hooo! As single D is a dream for me! Ideally, I'd love to be a full C, but I will take a single D over a DD anyday! I am really beginning to like the way my body clothes, anyway. I think I still have too much nasty "cottage cheese" to like it nekkid, but's getting pretty nice. :-)

Well, I am going to make rent this month....but after that, I am out of money. No money for my medical bills, no money for health insurance, utility bills, groceries, gasoline, etc. Oh well. At least I have a roof over my head, great friends, a great job (albeit only weekends right now), & a great family.
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