April 3rd, 2003

real Alice

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Dang. When Revlon says "Colorstay" they mean the color stays. I am wearing some right now, & I can't get it off my lips to save my life. I guess it would come off with makeup remover or a baby wipe....but it sure doesn't come off with tissue. Sheesh. I think my lips are permanently "Berry Reliable." I'd forgotten how well this stuff stays on. Amazing.

Yume did my makeup again at MAC yesterday. I had to go there to exchange something for a friend (no, I didn't spend anything....can't spend what you don't have), & they are always so nice to me there. Two of my 3 fave makeup artists were there, Yume & Liz (Kris is the other, but she's on vacation). They always do makeovers on me FREE, and it normally costs $40! They OFFER to do it for me. Last time I saw Kris, she said she wanted me to come back another day (I was already wearing makeup) so that she could do some blues on me (ones I already have) & teach me a really awesome way to wear them. Yume told me to come back & she'd do my eyes in oranges that I already have. The next time I went in, Yume did the oranges. My eyes looked SOOO pretty! I kept it on the next day & went to work. Mary said, "Your eyes look so pretty, who did them?" I said, "MAC." And she replied, "No offense, but I knew you couldn't have done it." *hmph* So I'm not a makeup expert. I'm getting better, though. Yesterday, I went to make that exchange, & I had just come from bawling my eyes out in the MetroRail parking lot. I wore my sunglasses as long as I could, & used drops. My eyes weren't quite as red by the time I got there. But Yume did mention my eyes looking a little red, & I told her I had been crying. They were so nice. More ramble here.Collapse )
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