April 7th, 2003

real Alice

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Well, the exciting journey I call my life continues.

The CAT scan came back normal. No hernia, no nothin'.

So still no clue what's wrong with me. All these "specialists" now something is wrong...they just can't tell me what. Pain & diarrhea daily for 1.5 years....lots of fun. So the 2nd specialist is sending me to a 3rd specialist, a gastro doc. He mentioned that it sounding like I had something called "slew" or "slue" or something like that. I have never heard of it, but he says it would explain all my symptoms.

The gastro doc will more than likely run more expensive, painful tests. I would guess he'd at LEAST do the one where they stick the camera down your throat, & possibly a colonoscopy. Fun. And expensive. Money I don't have. I just got a $300 gyno bill, a $200 ER bill, & I don't even wanna know how much that CAT scan & radiologist bills are gonna be. *gulp* And the stomach tests are NOT cheap, either. I just keep getting buried deeper & deeper under the medical bills for this mystery illness.

And then watch it be something like IBS, which has no cure, no medication, etc...something I'd just have to live with. All these painful, expensive medical tests for nothing.

I still have a horrific bruise on my inner elbow from the damn CAT scan. And for nothing. (Although I guess it's good to rule out things, too.)
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