April 30th, 2003

real Alice

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I have a little angel with the initials W.P. You know who you are. And you know what you mean to me. *hugs*

I'm hungry. But I don't want to eat anymore today.

I am going to Alabama & Georgia around Memorial Day. I am flying to Atlanta, meeting up with my sister, & then we are road-tripping to Alabama to see our grandparents. I can't wait. Every visit with them is a treasure to me. My grandmother agreed to pay for my ticket, bless her heart. And I have enough vacation days at work to not miss more than one day of work...and one day of work is worth it to see my family...none of my grandparents are terribly healthy.

My grandmother is too weak to take a family cruise this summer, so she mentioned that perhaps me, Kathy, & herself could take a short trip together, to Callaway Gardens. We went there every summer growing up. I have wonderful memories of that place, but it sure would be strange to be there without my mom. It would be so nice to go back again, though. I probably haven't been there since I was 15 or so.

My dad also mentioned him, Kathy, & me taking a family trip this summer, maybe a cruise, just the 3 of us. That'd be awesome. I'd love to do the Hawaiian cruise, since it's a place I haven't been, & am longing to see.

All these trips....sheesh. And I don't even like traveling. I cannot go anywhere after Memorial Day (for a few weeks) due to summer show rehearsals. And then I won't be able to go anywhere between June 28th-July 13th when Erin is on her honeymoon. I should definitely be building up some more vacation time by then, especially with all the hours I am working now.

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