May 9th, 2003

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Well, thank the Lord, there is SOME justice.

BUFFALO, N.Y. (May 9) - Anti-abortion extremist James Kopp was sentenced to 25 years to life Friday for the sniper slaying of a doctor, declaring without a trace of remorse: ''I wish I could do 10 life sentences or 10 death penalties'' to save the unborn.

Kopp, 48, received the maximum for the 1998 murder of Dr. Barnett Slepian, 52, an obstetrician-gynecologist and father of four who was cut down by a bullet that came through his kitchen window.

Kopp, a militant known in anti-abortion circles as ''Atomic Dog,'' told the judge he did not intend to kill Slepian, but would do it again.

''Why should the safety of Dr. Slepian be put over the safety of unborn children?'' he asked in a packed courtroom that included a few supporters. ''I wish I could do 10 life sentences or 10 death penalties to save them.''

Kopp lay in wait with a rifle behind Slepian's suburban Amherst home and fired a single shot after the doctor returned from a memorial service for his father. The abortion foe fled the country and became one of the FBI's most-wanted fugitives.

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real Alice

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I've been suffering a really bad headache all day. Well, since around noon, maybe. I think it's a hunger headache, cause I didn't have a bite to eat today until 7:30PM or so. I just really wasn't hungry...well, apparently my head was hungry, but my belly wasn't. Maybe it was a low blood sugar thing....I dunno. I kinda resent having to eat when I am not really hungry. Oh well. I got a Sonora Chicken Burrito at Del Taco. DAMN good!!!! The headache is lessening a bit now.

Went to Hollywood for my day off. Well, I couldn't sleep past 9, even though I went to bed kinda late. I can't stop having weird dreams & restless sleep. I don't know what's wrong with me....but then, I hear just about everyone is having this same problem lately. Maybe it's those of us who are a bit more...sensitive, empathic....the world is in turmoil, & I think I am feeling it more than some. Lucky me. Anyway, I got my makeup done at MAC again (I always do that in Hollywood). Yume put the new colors on me. My eyes look SOOO pretty! I love it! They are great colors for me. Yay! Fun summer colors, too...greens, aquas, pinks.

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