May 21st, 2003

real Alice

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Asta la pasta.

Not that you'd notice, since I hardly have time to post these days, anyway, but I am leaving, on a jet plane, don't know when....actually, I DO know when I will be back again....Monday.

I am visiting my ailing grandparents. MeMama was put back in the hospital on Saturday, PaPa is alone in the assisted living home, & Momme Dot's blood pressure is still wavering. This trip is well timed. I JUST finished the blanket I made for Momme Dot. I am using a "Granny Square." I crocheted it in Auburn University colors for her (orange & blue). It turned out quite well, methinks. I still have to finish MeMama's (Alabama colors, red & white) while I am there, so I can give it to her by Sunday.

*waves* Take care all. *hugs*
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