May 28th, 2003

real Alice

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Things are okay & not so great. You know the feeling? A few months ago, I was about $1600 or so behind on bills, but now I am only $300-500 behind (about $300 behind on cable, & my electricity bill & phone bill just came in!). That's an amazing improvement, & all thanks to how blessed I am with awesome friends. It also helps that I have been working my ass off, 6 days a week!

This week is horrible, though. I am way behind. I took that "vacation" to go home & see my grandparents, & while I got 2 days vacation pay, it was still 3-4 days off with no pay, & that has just killed me. A friend just had to send me enough to pull me out of being overdrawn ($11) & enough to get kitty food ($25). That's all I care about, cause I can eat very little for a few days. I just worry about the kitties.

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