July 7th, 2003

real Alice

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I really wanted Rob to pick Paige. She really loved him. And she was so sunny & sweet....but I guess if he didn't feel the same, he can't be blamed for the decision he made. How cold, though....chooses Erin cause he really likes her, & she chooses the million dollars. Cold. Although, I can't say I wouldn't have done the same if I were in her shoes (she didn't love him).

I have a new favorite show. "Animal Precinct." I LOVE it. I had never watched the Animal Planet channel...shocking, given my love of animals. I was bored on my day off on Saturday (almost always work on weekends), & stumbled across that channel. The ASPCA officers on that show are my new heroes in life. Seriously. They are SO cool. They rescue mistreated animals, & usually end up arresting the owners. It STILL makes me sick that abusing your pet is treated as a misdemeanor, but whatever. I'm kinda strange (duh). I will hear on the news about a human being killed & not flinch...but if they mention an animal getting killed, I'm like, "Awwwwwwwwwwwww!" I love animals more than a person should. I just adore them. I want to help them. It hurts me that so many are abused, & that people are too stupid to spay & neuter. One man on the show compulsively collected cats.....they took 247 feral cats out of his house! 247!!!!! And the saddest part was, they were going to have to put all 247 of them to sleep. They were too wild to adopt out. One woman beat her dog with a burning stick. They had to cut off his ear, it was burned so badly. Another dog had such an infected back foot, they had to amputate it. His owners never sought medical care for the dog. Another owner allowed her dog to be COVERED with ticks....this German Shepherd had HUNDREDS of ticks ALL over her body, that had sucked so much blood, she needed a transfusion & was almost dead. I just don't know how ANYONE can torture or harm their pet in any way, shape, or form. And I think it should be a felony. There is obviously something seriously wrong with a person who would harm an innocent animal...a pet who only wants to be loved.

There's a show that follows it called "Animal Cops." It's very similar & I like it, too. I ALMOST want to become an ASPCA officer, but I couldn't handle it. Not only would I get too emotional to see the animals is such states of mistreatment, I would LITERALLY kick the ass of the abusive owners. I would kick their fucking asses. So, yeah...probably not a good career choice for me.

My best bet is to become a successful actor in Hollywood, & use my celebrity & wealth for good....open several "no-kill" rescue homes for pets, & use my celebrity to get the pets adopted, get people to donate, & do public service announcements encouraging people to spay/neuter & keep their pets secure in their yards (dogs) or in the house (cats). I want that more than anything. I won't deny that I want money for myself, so I never have money stress again....but I ALSO genuinely want to help others....particularly animals. I think, for now, I am going to find a shelter to volunteer for.

I'm going to paint my bathroom....if my landlord allows me to....I got some bright yellow paint & some bright pink paint as OSH for like $1.00 each (they were returned). I need some cheeriness in my house...it's pretty drab. I can't wait, I really hope he lets me. And then I'm gonna paint the laundry room, & hopefully, when my dad comes to visit, he can build me some shelves in there.

I was supposed to fix/clean my jacuzzi tomorrow....but I haven't heard definite confirmation from my firemen buddies yet. Sure would like to know...summer is the perfect time to use it.
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