July 8th, 2003

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I am saddened that the Iranian twins joined at the head died following surgery. I had hoped that they would both survive, or at least one of them, & it's sad that both died. However....this may not be the mainstream thought, but I feel they are better off dead---seeing each other face to face in Heaven---than being connected by the head, never able to look each other in the eyes, never being able to have a separate life. I am opposed to keeping conjoined twins connected under any circumstances.
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It's 10PM. I JUST finished painting my bathroom.

I feel very proud of myself, it's the first thing I have ever painted. Is it a great job? Noooooo. But I am going to do some touch-ups, & it won't look so bad. It doesn't look that bad now.

It IS a bit obnoxious, color-wise. The walls are BRIGHT yellow, & the cabinet doors & drawers & door trim are Pepto Bismal pink. Then I went back on the yellow walls & stenciled in some pink stars. I am still going to go back & stencil some smaller, electric blue stars. The point of these colors is that my shower curtain is those colors: bright blue, bright pink, bright yellow....my bathroom rug is currently bright blue, but I have another one that is bright pink. My towels are bright pink, blue, & I have a yellow hand towel. I really like bright, obnoxious colors. This house is so dreary, I think this will help. And of course, I love stars. I think the obnoxiousness of the yellow & pink will be muted when I add the blue. Sheesh....I think I started around 12:30....& just finished at 10PM. My back is killing me....I am covered with paint (the pink & yellow come off easily, the primer....not so easily)...I am exhausted....my last day off until NEXT Wednesday is gone, & I didn't get to clean my house. This project took all day. Yet....I still feel accomplished.

I wonder what my landlord will think. Heh-heh...

Next project, the laundry room.

(I will post pictures when I am done.)
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