July 26th, 2003


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It just never gets any better. I cannot catch a break if I had a baseball glove.

I am dealing with the fact that I might have to go to AL for my grandfather's funeral, & miss days of work, which I cannot afford. My 19 year old cousin, Katie, arrives in CA today to spend 4 days with me. I am going to need money to go out to dinner & pay for parking at the beach & stuff.

And I just found out my checking account is at -$55. Yes, that's negative. There is some charge on there for $105.95 & I have no clue what it's for. It was made with my ATM card...but it wasn't made by ME, & I haven't lost my card. For one thing, I haven't made ANY purchases of that size in a loooong time. I don't have that kind of money. Secondly, the purchase was made in San Ramon, CA. I have never been to San Ramon, CA. That's a problem. The bank has no info other than the purchase amount & the city & state. No company name, no phone number, nothing. Thirdly, apparently the purchase was made on the 24th, Thursday. I worked ALL day that day, & then Maranda came home to stay the night with me. We stopped by the grocery store to get food to cook for dinner, but Maranda paid for it. I didn't spend one thin dime that day. I am most confused. But if I ask them to research it, they have to cancel my card. That means I would go 5-7 working days with no ATM card. I wouldn't be able to get cash out, buy gas, groceries, nothing. I'd have to go into a branch anytime I needed any money (like I have any), & I just don't have time for that, with my work schedule (they are closed by the time I get off).

This sucks. My cousin is here....I have negative $55. I can't even cover that money. I have no money to treat her to dinner, or even pay my OWN way at dinner. I have no money to buy ANY food. If I need gas, I am SOOL (shit out of luck). This is awful. I am soooooo sick of these financial problems. I just don't know what to do. I try to remain positive, & where does that get me? Absolutely nowhere.
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