November 14th, 2003

real Alice

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"Chi-Chi's Chief Operating Officer Bill Zavertnik said in a statement Thursday night that the restaurant chain was pulling green onions from meals because they are ''the prime suspect of recent hepatitis A outbreaks in various other states.''

Contaminated green onions are suspected of being responsible for a recent outbreaks in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee."

SEE?!?!?!? Onions ARE the Devil's Spawn! I knew it all along!

Hey, does anyone know how many seasons of "Buffy" there were? cypher? I see that the 6th season will be released in July of 2004, but I have no clue how many seasons there actually were.

Have today off....did have plans, but right now they are in limbo & I'm just chillin' at home. Kinda nice. Alicia is coming up tonight, so last night was my last night alone. Good & bad, of course.

More later.....