October 29th, 2004

real Alice

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I've been working on cleaning my house all day. Quite the undertaking. But I am trying to neaten this place. Of course, it's gonna take a lot more than just one day. I don't have another day off til NEXT Friday, but hopefully, I will get some cleaning done that day, too. I made pretty good headway today, though.

Duncan stopped pooping on the floor. I think it was some weird "sympathy" thing for Ernie. As soon as Ernie left, Duncan stopped doing that. I also started him on new food, a food that is for cats with sensitive digestive systems. He has only thrown up once since I changed foods. I think that was at the suggestion of whatinthehell. Brilliant suggestion! No more kitty vomit! (Or at least, greatly decreased!)

I have to have the carpet & couch re-done, cause they still smell a bit like cat pee. Not nearly as bad, but I can still smell it. The deodorizer they used was supposed to knock that smell out.

I went to bed around 9PM last night, & woke up after 10am this morning. That was awesome. Aaron woke me up for around 15 minutes around 11pm, but otherwise I slept solidly. I guess my body really needed the rest, cause normally, when I don't set my alarm, my body naturally wakes up early. Of course, I didn't get but around 4 hours of sleep Wednesday night.

I just suddenly got nauseous. Yuck. Hate this feeling.
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